Are We ‘Sure It’s OK to Make Fun of’ Trump?


“As impeachment gains momentum, President Trump said he may stop referring to the media as ‘fake news’ and start calling them ‘corrupt news,’” Colin Jost said at the top of “Weekend Update” on this week’s Saturday Night Live. “And the media says they may stop referring to him as ‘President Trump’ and start calling him ‘Former President Trump.’” 

Jost and his co-anchor Michael Che proceeded to mock Trump and his co-conspirators for the crimes they have allegedly committed, but at a certain point Che questioned whether the president has started to display a type of behavior that makes it no longer acceptable to make jokes about him.

“Trump hasn’t been handling this impeachment news well,” Che said. “I mean, he’s been on a Twitter rampage, he’s openly called for China to investigate Joe Biden. And it also came out that Trump suggested adding a moat filled with alligators and snakes to his proposed border wall.”

“I don’t know how to ask this, but are we sure that it’s OK to make fun of this guy?” he asked. “Did you ever read Of Mice and Men? Remember how Lenny was really ‘strong?’ What if Trump is really strong? I’ve got a cousin who is also strong. And he loves alligators too, but we don’t make fun of him.”

“Look, Trump tweeted 800 times in the past month,” Che continued. “For context, Chrissy Teigen tweeted 218 times. Now, obviously I feel like the president should be a lot busier than Chrissy Teigen. But if Trump is as strong as I think he is, then… good job, big fella!” 

When Jost then brought up the story about Trump posting an anti-Joe Biden Nickelback meme on Twitter, Che added off-screen, “See, he’s strong!” 

“I also want to point out that Nickelback is Canadian,” Jost said. “So Trump was still technically using foreigners to go after Joe Biden.” 


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