14 Things you need to Know about China’s Coronavirus


The current infection of the Coronavirus is one of the worst virus infections we have gotten to see in modern times. Thousands of people have been diagnosed with the condition so far, and we still aren’t sure just how far the condition might have spread, but cases have already been seen in the United States and Europe as well as many other parts of the world to where infected people might have traveled.

So far, the Coronavirus has spread a lot faster and further than previous infections like H1N1 or SARS: The World Health Organization recommends that anyone potentially showing symptoms should get to medical attention as soon as possible – and there are further guidelines in place for any medical professionals who might deal with the condition.

What should you know about the Coronavirus? 

Here are 14 of the most important things to know regarding the current Coronavirus infection and how to handle it.

1. The Coronavirus is guessed to have started in Wuhan

The district of Wuhan in China is guessed to be the origin point of the original Coronavirus, and most of the initial diagnosed cases are estimated to have been people who might have traveled through this area when the infection first began. 

Any recent travelers to Wuhan, China have been cautioned to check themselves for potential symptoms of the Coronavirus as soon as they can: Many tourists have been officially extracted by their governments as a result of the virus, and many other people have been placed in quarantine after having been diagnosed with the condition.

Some countries have also imposed travel bans to and from Wuhan in order to attempt the stop of the condition’s spread until it has been brought officially under control.

If you have recently been to Wuhan, China or know anyone who has, the right thing to do is to get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.


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