14 Worst Virus Outbreaks in Recent History


The recent Coronavirus outbreak is estimated to have started in Wuhan, China and spread to other parts of the world from there: Now, there are documented infections everywhere from the United States through to Europe – and there are many high-risk areas for potentially contracting the Coronavirus with thousands of people that have already been diagnosed and moved to quarantine to stop the virus from spreading. 

A virus outbreak such as the Coronavirus isn’t new: There have been other virus outbreaks throughout history that have also affected thousands (or in some cases, caused the illness of death of thousands or millions more). 

Virus, bacterial and disease pandemics happen once every few years, usually with a varying disease every time there is an outbreak: Immediate action is usually what stops the condition from spreading further than this, although some virus pandemics are ongoing and need more funding, research and action to stop.

Here are 14 of the worst virus outbreaks in history that weren’t unlike the Coronavirus. 

1. HIV and AIDS 

HIV and AIDS are considered to be two separate conditions, but the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can become an AIDS infection under some circumstances where the proper treatment is not received in time. 

Millions of people have been diagnosed with either HIV or AIDS – and many more walk around with the infection without having been tested for it; the rate of HIV/AIDS infections is at such a height that this is true all over the world.

Many parts of the world still don’t have access to the methods that help to prevent the transfer of HIV/AIDS; many more are exposed to it through birth, and many through other means like sex or accidental infection through needles. Sometimes it can even transfer through a botched blood transfusion. Other times, casual sex.

It’s bad enough to count as a serious pandemic that will take resources, education and outreach to stop in the future.


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