At Spanish Hotel Under Coronavirus Lockdown, Meals With Masks


In an interviews with the Spanish television channel Antena 3, a guest at the hotel showed the leftovers of the salami-and-cheese sandwiches and the fruit that had been delivered to the room he is sharing with his wife, as well as a supply of water and a set of clean sheets.

“I guess it means nobody is going to be cleaning our room all of this time,” the man said.

Another guest said, “We are seeing the beach from the balcony, but without being able to enjoy it.”

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, tried to reassure locals in front of the hotel on Wednesday, saying that the situation inside was complicated.

“We have to control a virus that isn’t totally deadly,” he said.

Mr. Rodríguez Fraga said there were 25 nationalities among the hundreds of guests in the hotel, and that the impact on the local tourism industry could be heavy. “We are a vulnerable territory,” he said. “But it’s not a catastrophe; it’s not the end of the world.”

Initially, the coronavirus reached Spanish islands that are major tourism hubs, including Tenerife. But since Tuesday, the virus has spread to the mainland, including the two largest cities in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona.

Fernando Simón, the head of Spain’s coordination center for health alerts and emergencies, said at a news conference on Wednesday that all additional cases identified in the country this week had been in “controlled situations” and had their origins traced to Italy.

For now, he said, Spain did not need additional measures to control the coronavirus. Mr. Simón said, “Spain does not recommend checkpoints at airports,” which he argued had limited efficacy. He also warned that such checkpoints could have the counterproductive effect of “relaxing” the internal monitoring of the disease.


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