Biden Campaign Accuses Trump Of Trying to ‘Rewrite History’ On His ‘Failed’ Coronavirus Leadership


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign team criticized President Donald Trump on Saturday, accusing the president of trying to “rewrite history” on his “failed” leadership on tackling the coronavirus outbreak.

“In a moment of crisis like this, Americans need strong, steadfast leadership, and a President who [levels] with the American people about the challenges we face and the path forward,” Kate Bedingfield, the deputy campaign manager and communications director of the “Biden for President” campaign team said.

“But instead of taking charge and taking responsibility,” Bedingfield said, “Trump has passed the buck and failed to lead, making us more vulnerable at a precarious moment when we most need a President who will be honest with the American people and focus on actual results.”

Bedingfield made the comments in a press release on Saturday, with Biden’s campaign team asserting that Trump has repeatedly tried to “rewrite history and mislead Americans about his response to this crisis.”

Newsweek has contacted the White House for a response to the Biden campaign team’s comments.

Biden’s campaign team specifically took aim at Trump’s apparent efforts to lay blame for the global spread of COVID-19 on China’s shoulders while dismissing claims made in a bombshell report from The Washington Post asserting that the president and top aides had ignored repeated warnings from the intelligence community about the new coronavirus.