COVID-19 and Travel: Answers to Travelers’ Questions


Currently, the C.D.C. has no advisory for South Korea, according to its site.

As of Wednesday, Singapore had 84 cases of coronavirus, but transiting through the airport is unlikely to bring travelers in contact with any of the sick. Earlier this month the airport implemented rules to help keep the virus at bay. Anyone who has traveled to mainland China within 14 days of arriving at Changi is not allowed to enter Singapore or to travel through it. Additionally, Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority suspended the issuance of new visas to people with Chinese passports. The airport also said it increased the frequency with which the airport is being cleaned and is using more disinfectants in the cleaning process.

Mr. Kuriga said that in his estimation, “Right now it’s safe to travel through there, but like with everything else, keep checking.”

Planes are small spaces with a lot of people on them, and can be involved in transmitting diseases. While it’s not clear if most airlines are changing their cleaning procedures because of the coronavirus, we do know how they typically clean airplane cabins.

“At Southwest, aircraft undergo regular cleanings in between flights, and a comprehensive cleaning when the aircraft is parked overnight,” a spokesman for the airline said. When the plane is cleaned, surfaces — including tray tables, seats and carpets — are cleaned.

Curtis Blessing, a spokesman for American Airlines said planes are cleaned on a regular basis and the depth of the cleaning varies, depending on turn times and type of flight, but bathrooms are cleaned, floors are spot cleaned and visible trash is removed from seat pockets on all flights.

“When ground time allows, galleys are cleaned, as are tray tables,” Mr. Blessing said. “Transcontinental, Hawaii and international flights see an even deeper level of cleaning that includes cleaning of lavatories, tray tables and galley areas, as well as any surface areas throughout the aircraft. Floors are also vacuumed.”

Delta is supplying kits with hand sanitizer, gloves and surgical masks to passengers on all flights to and from Asia. A Delta spokeswoman said the airline’s planes are “thoroughly cleaned for the safety of our customers and crew.”


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