Free Rent a Possibility in Guangdong Due to Virus –


With cities on lockdown, schools and businesses closed and increasing travel restrictions, the beginning of February has been a tough month for all. As many businesses are forced to close for the interim, employers may actively suspend work and production, leaving many with reduced or no salary for the month. 

The Guangdong Apartment Management Association, based in Guangzhou, recently published a ‘Rent Reduction Initiative Letter to Provincial Proprietors (Landlords),’ recommending landlords to waive rental fees in February, and to halve rent in both March and April. 

The letter notes that February has been predicted to be the height of the epidemic; although it may last for more than three months, if speculation from former deputy head Yang Gonghuan from China’s Center for Disease Control is to be believed. 

The notice also mentions that some proprietors in Zhongshan have waived rent for one month, while property developer Wanda Group has waived both rent and management fees for business owners operating on its premises. 

This letter is only a suggestion to residential and retail landlords and is not mandatory for them to comply with. If you have any luck with reducing your rent this month, please let us know in the comments below.

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