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Recently released statistics from the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, published yesterday by Guangzhou Daily, have shed some light of the extent of Guangzhou’s novel coronavirus outbreak, including a full breakdown of where each infected individual was reported living in the city.

As of noon yesterday (February 2), the total number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in Guangzhou reached 179 confirmed cases. Forty-eight cases have been identified in Baiyun district, 33 in Tianhe, 24 in Haizhu, 17 in both Yuexiu and Panyu districts, 11 in Huangpu, nine in Huadu, seven in both Nansha and Zengcheng districts, five in Liwan and one in Conghua. Below, at the bottom of this article, we will provide a breakdown of the specific area or venue where each of the cases was reported in Guangzhou.

In addition to confirmed cases, a total of 334 people who had close contact with infected individuals have been identified, 255 of which were under medical observation as of February 2.

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A map showing novel coronavirus cases in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Image via mapmiao

Of the 179 confirmed novel coronavirus cases, 127 were introduced from Hubei province, while 37 were directly tied to one or more of the cases imported from Hubei. Eleven of the infected patients in Guangzhou had no relation to the Hubei cases, while four cases are still being investigated.

Here’s a breakdown of the medical status of novel coronavirus patients in Guangzhou:
Cured/discharged from hospital – three people
Undergoing isolated treatment – 176 people
Severe cases – 13 people
Critically ill patients – six people

And below, a breakdown of coronavirus patients’ ages:
Under 3 years old – three cases
4-10 years old – two cases
11-20 years old – nine cases
21-30 years old – 19 cases
31-40 years old – 32 cases
41-50 years old – 30 cases
51-60 years old – 31 cases
61-70 years old – 41 cases
71-80 years old – eight cases
Above 81 years old – four cases

And finally, a detailed list of locations in Guangzhou where cases of the novel coronavirus were reported (translations via Henry Zheng for That’s):

Baiyun district
Anhuaili – Huangbian, Helong Residential District
Pengxi Yi Jie – Helong Residential District
Baiyun Shangcheng – No. 137-157 Huangshi Bei Lu
Huangshi Garden – Huangshi Lu
Yuanbang Aeronautics Homeland – No. 1250 Huangshi Xi Lu
Times Rose Garden – No. 69 Huangbian Bei Lu 
Haikou Zhi Jie, Datian Village – Jiangao Town
Jianghai Garden, Poly Garden West Coast – Caibin Bei Lu
Meibin Mansion – No. 161-163 Meibin Bei Lu
Nanhu Golf Apartment
Dutou Jie – Renhe Town
Lede Garden – Helong Residential District
Qilin Xincun 
Renhe Commercial Street – Renhe Town
Shitan Lu – Shijing Residential District
Tongjing Dong Jie – Xicha Lu
Beili Garden – Gangbei Lu
Guoqiang Bei Jie – Tangjing Residential District
Xinyi Lu
South Airlines Pearl Hotel
Weilai Hotel – Xicheng Lu, Renhe Town

Conghua district
Xinyongli Hotel – No. 1 Heming Lu

Haizhu district
Shiliugang Lu – Chigang Residential District
Heping Jiayuan – Fengyang Residential District
Movie City Garden – Xingang Zhong Lu
Mountain Beigang – Tuhua Village
Jichungang New Street – Nanshitou Residential District
Jinheng Lu – Ruibao Residential District
Changgang Zhong Lu – Shayuan Residential District
Tongfu Xi Lu – Nanhua Xi Residential District
Chenchong Dong 9th Alley – Xiaogang Residential District
Xingchen Xuan, Shuangzi Xingcheng – Xingang Residential District
Jinjiang Inn
Gondola Taikoo Hotel – No. 137 Gexin Lu

Huadu district
Southern Airlines Garden – Yingbin Dadao
Changgang Village – Huacheng Residential District
Hecheng Village – Shiling Town
Binguan Xincun – No. 22 Gongyuan Qian Lu
Jinshang Penglai – Xinhua Residential District
Hehe New Town – No. 3 Yingbin Dadao
Yabao New Town – Pingbu Zhong Lu
Free Man Garden – Guanghua Lu

Huangpu district
Junhe Mingcheng – Fengle Bei Lu, Dasha Residential District
Jinbi Century Garden – No. 81 Zhongshan Dadao Dong
Fanglin 2nd Jie, Poly Linyu Mountain Villa – Kaichuang Dadao
Vanke Xingfuyu – Jiulong Dadao
Hengyuan Garden – No. 3 Hengyuan Huan Jie
Zhonghai Yucheng –  Kaichuang Dadao
Lanyu Wu Jie – Xiagang Residential District
Vanke Golden Dream – Kaichuang Dadao

Liwan district
Wenchang Nan Lu – Hualin Residential District
Kaiyuewan – Shiweitang Residential District
Ludi Jie– Jinhua Residential District
Zhonghai Huawan Yihao – Hedong Lu
Lavande Hotel (Shangiajiu Store) – No. 63 Xiajiu Lu

Nansha district
Diecui Peak – Fenghua Dadao
Vanke Nanfang Gongyuan – Huangge Town
Caiyuan Dong Jie – Lanhe Town
Caochuan Yi Jie, Tantou Village – Nansha Residential District

Panyu district
Shangdong Shangzhu
Minglun Garden – Nanda Lu
Jinshangu Garden
Zhongxin Jie Dazao Fang, Gantang Village – Donghuan Residential District
Ygile Garden – Nancun Village
Country Garden 
Star River Peninsula – No. 480 Shaxi Dadao
Jinfu Lu – Zhongcun Residential District
Clifford Landmark – Clifford Village
Meiticun, Asian Games City
Libo Hotel – No. 25 Fuhua Dong Lu

Tianhe district
Meihaoju – Chebei Residential District
Capital Tianhe Xinzuo
Hejing Lu
Sea View Garden – No. 207 Huangpu Dadao Zhong
Zhuguang Yujing – Liede Residential District
Liede Settlement Building – Liede Residential District
Sports West Unit – Tianhe Nan Yi Lu
Yingcai Meiju – Yingxi Lu
Shatai Nan Lu
Yangcheng Yuan, Jinan University – Shipai Residential District
Xinjingyuan Residential District – Tianhe Park South
Tangyayuan – Fengye Lu
Taoran Tingyuan – No. 216 Huajing Dong Lu
Jinshun Hotel – No. 5 Heguang Yi Lu
Yuxing Lu – Fenghuang Residential District
Fuli Garden – Machang Lu, Xiancun Residential District
Huaming Lu – Xiancun Residential District
Venke Yuncheng Miku – No. 3 Huaguang Lu
Guangzhou Linnan Wenhua Hotel – Chebei Residential District

Yuexiu district
Wanyi Square – Haizhu Square, Qiaoguang Lu
Huanghua Residential District – Dongfeng Dong Lu 
Jinyang Garden – Yangjicun Residential District
Nonglin Xia Lu 
Shuijungang Residential District
Shuiyin Lu
Fuli Yulongting Residential District – Taojin Dong Lu
Taojin Lu 
Guangming Lu, Overseas Chinese Village – Huanshi Dong Lu

Zengcheng district
Zhonghai City Square – No. 39 Lixiang Lu
Shangdong Yangguang – Wenyong Lu
Pacific Ocean Garden – Xintang Town
Feicui Lvzhou – Xintang Town
Haomen Apartment – Xintang Town
Xizhou Village – Xintang Town

We’d like to note that it is unclear how many cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported at each location.

Click here to see an interactive map showing novel coronavirus cases in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. And for regular updates on the coronavirus, click here.

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