Mike Pence Says He Hasn’t Been Tested for Coronavirus and Doesn’t Know Whether Trump Has Been Tested


Vice President Mike Pence told reporters today that he had not yet been tested for the novel coronavirus and he doesn’t know whether President Donald Trump had been.

During a coronavirus press conference at the White House on Monday, Trump revealed that his administration will announce “major” economic relief policies for working Americans amid on Tuesday. I’ll “explain what we’re doing from an economic standpoint,” the president said. “They will be very dramatic.”

Pence clarified that there are “concerns among ‘hourly wage earners feeling like they had to go to work even if they were ill. The president has tasked this economic team, working together already with leaders in Congress, to make sure that anyone that feels they are at risk of losing their job or losing a paycheck because they may contract the coronavirus.”

“We tell people ‘if you’re sick, stay home,'” the vice president added. “The president has tasked the team with developing economic policies that will make it very, very clear that we’re going to stand by hard working Americans, stand by those businesses large or small to make it possible for us to put the health of America first.”

U.S. President Donald Trump listens as Vice President Mike Pence speaks during a news conference at the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House February 29, 2020 in Washington, DC.
Alex Wong/Getty

As Trump exited the stage following this announcement, reporters began asking loudly whether he had been tested for the virus. The president ignored their questions and walked off the stage.