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As a result of the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, you’ve probably spent a lot more time than usual breathing through a face mask. And while there has been some valid debate over how effective masks are at stopping the spread of the disease, the reality is many cities have made it mandatory to wear them in public, which means you’re going to need to get used to wearing a face mask (for the time being, anyway). 

Frankly speaking, face masks aren’t the most glamorous facial accessories. That said, with some coloring pens or craft supplies (and a little creativity, of course) you can make your face mask one of a kind! A Bane or Kylo Ren-inspired mask? Cool. A glitter-covered mask? Mega cool. A turtle shell mask? Major points for originality.

It’s time to get crafty! Image via Pixabay

In an effort to make your period of home quarantine more – uh – interesting, and your face mask a fashionable medical accessory, we are hosting our first-ever ‘Pimp Your Face Mask’ contest!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Use a piece of plain white paper or construction paper to cut out or fold a shape that resembles a surgical mask. Then, ‘pimp out’ your mock mask in a quirky or fashionable manner. You need to decorate the mask yourself, store-bought masks with designs or artwork will not be considered.

2. Take a selfie wearing your ‘mask.’

3. Send your photo to marketing.gba@urbanatomy.com along with a one-sentence description of your mask, your full name, the city you are based in and your telephone number. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, February 19 at 6pm.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are fully aware that face masks are in sort supply and that using these potentially life-saving tools for an art contest is not entirely appropriate. That’s why we are asking all participants to use a piece of paper, which can be cut or folded to resemble the shape of a mask. We will not be accepting submissions that are completed on real, medically approved face masks. This should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: Homemade, paper face masks are not medically approved to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. Do not where a paper face mask in public and expect it to prevent the spread of disease.

The top submissions will be selected for online voting on Thatsmags.com and our official WeChat accounts in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and Tianjin. The online voting period will run from 1pm on Saturday, February 22 to 6pm on Tuesday, February 25.

We are now accepting submissions, so send us a photo of your pimped-out face mask before the submission deadline on February 19!

From all of us at That’s and Urban Family, stay safe and healthy – and good luck!

For regular updates on the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, click here.

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