Survive an Epidemic (and a Chemical War) with This Hazmat Suit –


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Given the current health crisis facing China and the world, face masks are easily considered some of the hottest products on Taobao. After COVID-19 reportedly began spreading from Central China, everyone in the Middle Kingdom – yes, everyone – began wearing masks in hopes of not being infected. But as we’ve learned, it’s not a foolproof plan.

A hazmat suit, on the other hand, is as legit as it gets. Sure, you may get a nervous look or two when strolling around in this outfit, but consider it a luxury as you’ll probably be let in most places without even having to take your temperature! With this gear, you can venture outside and feel confident that you’re safe since the outfit covers almost the entire body. Need to catch the metro or bus? No problem. Meeting friends for drinks? Rest assured you’ll be safe while knocking back pints in a hazmat suit.

With thousands of suits in stock from various Taobao suppliers, you can buy with ease knowing that you’re not taking away important resources from the brave medical personnel fighting the coronavirus. But be sure to buy multiple suits, as they are one-use only (一次性). It certainly beats wearing empty plastic water jugs on your head (it’s apparently a thing).

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