Wisconsin Hit by More Than 100,000 Unemployment Claims Over Nine Days As Coronavirus Shocks Economy


Jobless claims in Wisconsin spiked as more than 100,000 people filed for unemployment benefits, according to state data.

The numbers, first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Tuesday, came as other state authorities indicated that they were coming under strain from skyrocketing jobless claims amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development launched a new web page publishing preliminary unemployment insurance claim numbers last Friday, around the time it was reported that the Department of Labor had asked state officials to avoid giving out precise jobless claim numbers.

According to the preliminary data, a total of 101,464 initial unemployment claims were filed in Wisconsin between March 15 and 23. More than 21,200 of those claims were submitted on Monday this week. On the same day last year, the Department of Workforce Development received just over 1,400 initial applications for unemployment insurance.

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The number of initial jobless claims recorded in Wisconsin on Monday were around 15 times higher than they were on the same day in 2019.
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The number of jobless claims over those days are also a huge mark-up on the 5,202 jobless claims filed in Wisconsin over the week ending March 14, according to Department of Labor data.

Newsweek contacted Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers office for comment on the jobless claims data and will update this article with any response.