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On Tuesday afternoon, 49 patients exited Wuhan’s Wuchang temporary hospital, marking the closure of all 16 temporary hospitals formed in Hubei’s capital city during the coronavirus outbreak.

The city opened multiple makeshift hospitals last month to treat COVID-19 patients and contain the spread of the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. Sixteen public venues were converted into temporary hospitals, including exhibition centers and gymnasiums, Xinhua reported.

Check the photos below to see the last remains from one of Wuhans’ makeshift hospitals:

Image via Xinhua

Image via Xinhua

Image via Xinhua

Image via Xinhua

Image via Xinhua

Image via Xinhua

Image via Xinhua

Image via Xinhua

Zhang Boli, an academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said the temporary hospitals in Wuhan received 13,000 patients, and the closures represent the completion of their task in the battle against the virus.

Last week, China’s National Health Commission said over 3,300 medical workers had been infected nationwide, with at least 13 dead.

Healthcare workers in Wuhan received a morale boost from President Xi Jinping, who visited the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak on Tuesday – a move which many perceived as a signal that China’s fight against the deadly disease is coming to a close.

While the spread of the virus appears to be winding down in China, COVID-19 cases are growing at an alarming rate in countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas. According to statistics compiled by South China Morning Post, six countries outside China have over 1,000 total confirmed cases, and deaths outside of China have surpassed 1,100. In total, there are over 50,000 active coronavirus cases around the world.

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