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To curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), the city of Xiamen in Fujian province has undergone an operation to disinfect the entire city.

The city’s disease control and prevention center announced that the scope of the treatment would include transportation hubs, public transport, shopping malls and supermarkets, among other public places, as well as elevators, carts, shared bikes and other frequently used facilities. So, basically everywhere.

Screengrab via QQ

Screengrab via QQ

Xiamen Daily advised residents to avoid public places, with disinfectant vehicles passing through the city on Sunday night from 10 to 11pm, and to close their windows and doors when the trucks spraying the disinfectant drove by. 

The citywide effort is being referred to as a ‘Patriotic Health Movement’ (爱国卫生运动) and will be carried out three to four times a year, according to Xiamen Center for Disease Control and Prevention Chief Gu Zhinan, as cited by Xiamen Daily.

Check out a row of trucks spraying the city clean below (VPN off):

As of press time, Xiamen has a total of 35 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, while cases in the PRC exceeds 70,000.

[Cover image: screengrab via QQ]


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