Coronavirus, Hollywood predicts losses for billions

NEW YORK, MAR 09 – The impact of the coronavirus is on
hear about the dream industry: Hollywood predicts losses of
billions of dollars in lost revenue, while the Chinese market
has been stopped for weeks and the majors postpone the film releases of
safe cassette like the next James Bond.
   “Impossible to make predictions,” said one source
of the Hollywood Reporter also noting the drop in takings in
other important markets such as South Korea and Italy.
Last year the international box office had been 31.1
billions of dollars, a record, for a global total of 42.5
billion, another record. But the celebrations came early
stopped with the emergence of the virus in China in the early days of
   Even in the US, the most important box office in the world with
over 11 billion dollars in box office sales in 2019
they gave signs of failure: the 40 million dollars of
tickets sold of the first classified of this end
week, the animated fantasy of Disney / Pixar “Onward”, are
just under a quarter compared to the same weekend in 2019
(the comparison with the 153 million “Captain Marvel” was already
brutal at the start).
   Meanwhile, the debut in theaters of the next James Bond “No
Time to Die “has been postponed from April to November
invoking the impact of the coronavirus. First stops also at
productions: Paramount has postponed “out of plenty of caution”,
but also in compliance with the Italian rules that prohibit
gatherings, filming “Mission: Impossible 7” with Tom
Cruise which was to be shot for three weeks in Venice.


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