Coronavirus, the rumors at the airport in Bari: «Nobody controls the temperature»


“I was terribly surprised by the laxity at the airport, there were barely 15 people on our flight from Milan Malpensa. Neither at the outgoing nor at the arrival checks they measured the temperature ». Luigi, 54, returned yesterday to Bari with a flight from the Lombard capital, the heart of the infection, points the index on the failure to measure the temperature of those who have just returned from the “red areas”.

The question, which has already arisen in recent days, returns to the debate. At the disposal of the Ministry of Health, the termoscanner is mandatory on arrival for those arriving from abroad (also as an intermediate stop) or from Rome Fiumicino, but logic should suggest the need to extend it also to those arriving from the “red areas”. Without underestimation. Exodus by air is in fact an issue that can be addressed from two different viewing angles. The first is that of the passenger count: on the flights that arrived yesterday in Bari from Milan, Bergamo and Venice-Treviso, there were very few passengers, from 15 to 25 per trip. Semi-empty aircraft therefore, for reasons that are not beyond your intuition: unlike trains, cars and buses, the plane represents a much “narrower” escape route. The ticket is nominal, you know where you leave from and where you arrive, and the controls – when it happens, or by the police – are around the corner. Difficult to evade the “eye” of the state. And, in fact, the “fugitives” of the last hour have chosen asphalt or rails for their exodus. The complaints of taxi drivers for skipped reservations and the large deserted spaces at the airport are there to witness a general climate of decommissioning.

But there is also another angle from which to tackle the problem: if it is true that there are few passengers, it is equally true that there are many flights. Only yesterday, more than ten landed in the “red areas” in Bari. Just multiply: ten flights with twenty passengers makes 200 people. Not a very irrelevant number. Those who have returned by air, however, are not disturbed. Everyone beats on the same point: «I live here, I needed to go back. The provisions of the authorities? We will do whatever it takes », is the refrain. Someone, however, already exhibits some indecision. This is the case of a young student from the University of Udine, who arrived yesterday from Venice-Treviso loaded with suitcases: “I came back for my grandmother’s funeral. Isolation? We will see, now I don’t know ». More reassuring Antonio, back with a family from a holiday in Venice: «I’m sure they won’t treat us as greasers also because we certainly couldn’t stay in the hotel for a month. We are here and we will do whatever they ask us to do “.

The testimonies follow one another but there is no lack of elements that add confusion to confusion: there are those in Venice who have been checked even if they did not come from outside, those who armed themselves with masks because “everyone coughed on the plane” and those who finally, a kiss and a hug to the relatives gives them anything but isolation. Those who, instead, from Bari return up, there in the areas where the contagion goes crazy, close the tracking shot. For example, a volunteer from the Red Cross of Abano Terme tells us that he allowed himself a few days of vacation in Puglia after transporting infected people from Vo ‘to Padua. But there are also less borderline cases such as Donato and Valentina leaving for Venice with two daughters of 7 and 4 years in tow. The girls wear the mask, they don’t. They breathe a sigh: «We have to go back, our life is in Veneto. We hope well, especially for the little ones ».




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