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Premier League referee Anthony Taylor has become an NHS volunteer as he supports his family through the coronavirus pandemic.

A few days ago, the government launched an appeal for 250,000 volunteers to help the NHS fight the outbreak.

The target was reached within 24 hours and Taylor was among those who came forward.

The former prison officer said he was inspired by the work of his sister Kate, who is a doctor in the National Health Service.

He told Sky Sports News: “These are unique circumstances.

“With my sister being so involved on the front line, it’s the very least that I could do, understanding what she’s having to deal with and how she’s also feeling when she comes away from work.

“The more of us that can offer a small amount of time to help alleviate any of that pressure only has to be a good thing.

“When the call went out, I registered and it’s just a waiting game now for checks to be processed.

“It’s mainly focusing around transporting medication and equipment from hospitals or delivering shopping to vulnerable people. There will be plenty of people that need help. The more people we can get involved, the better.”

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Taylor said he talks to his sister every day and hears about the challenges she and her colleagues face.

“Everybody should be really grateful and it’s so important that people take the advice, stay at home and reduce social contact,” he said.

“Anybody who works in the NHS is a special person, not only their skillset but the type of human beings they are, constantly wanting to help people. It’s obviously a really challenging time at the moment. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, things will improve, and we will come through the other side.”

Taylor also said he hopes football can help society recover from the pandemic, adding that the cancellation of various games and tournaments had been a “reality check” for the sport.

He is one of two referees in England under consideration for the European Championship, which has been postponed until June 2021.

He added: “Football is a hugely popular sport across the world. Football needs to be used as a vehicle to try and help people as much as we can.

“It’s really important that everybody pulls together and hopefully seeing as many people recover as possible. It’s really positive to see what people can do to help those less fortunate. It’s always nice to see how individuals, or organisations as a whole, really step up when needed to.”

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