Record rise in corona deaths in Italy, 133 deaths in one day

The number of deaths and infections caused by the coronavirus increased considerably in one day in Italy. 133 people died of the virus in the last 24 hours. That is a record. A total of 366 patients died of the virus, by far the most in the northern Lombardy region.

The increase in the number of infections in Italy was also higher than ever. The coronavirus has now been diagnosed in a total of 7375 people, an increase of almost 1500 compared to yesterday. Of the total group, 622 people have since been healed.

Italy is now the country with the most infections after China. It counts sixty more than South Korea, where only 50 people have died of the virus.

Worldwide there are 106,000 infections and 3600 deaths.

Quarantine measures

The Italian government announced far-reaching quarantine measures in the north of the country last night in an attempt to curb the virus outbreak. Around 16 million people, a quarter of the Italian population, are only allowed to travel for work or in emergency situations. The measures apply until at least 3 April in Lombardy and fourteen other provinces, including Milan and Venice.

Due to the quarantine measures, the Dutch travel advice for the north of Italy has been adjusted. Dutch people are advised not to go there and whoever is in the area is advised to leave.

Due to the situation in northern Italy, KLM will not be flying to Milan and Venice tomorrow, a spokesperson told ANP news agency. Flights to Turin, Genoa and Bologna will continue for the time being. The airline advises travelers to keep an eye on the site and app, because flight schedules can change quickly.


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