School in the time of Coronavirus here is Google Classroom

The schools of the Jesuit Education Network have been making a renewed and profound reflection on the use of technology for some time “and this is why this emergency does not catch us unprepared and allows us to continue walking with the tools we have given ourselves – explains Father Vitangelo Maria Denora, general manager of the Gonzaga-ISP Institute – two good electronic registers (Mastercom for the Italian school and Managebac for the international one), the tablets, the students’ personal email accounts, the Google classroom system and, in particular, the G Suite platform.

Teaching with technology helps us to live the present time with serenity and as a positive challenge. Tablets, smartphones, virtual classes, video conferencing systems allow pupils to follow lessons. These are processes that cannot be improvised, which require adequate organization, great work on the part of all the educating communities, of sharing and adequate training. But it is necessary to prepare for a change, in the wake of the Ignatian pedagogical tradition. The idea that moves us is to see how in each crisis there is an opportunity, the possibility of a choice and the sharing of good practices ».

Pupils from Primary to Gonzaga’s International high school Palermo know that every morning they will find their teachers on the Google meet platform for “live” lessons.

Preschool children, on the other hand, with their parents can use the Seesaw app and see every day the videos in which the teacher tells what he is doing at school, but also interactive stories in which the children can carry out the required activities . And the children of the Italian nursery school will see the fairy tales read by their teachers on video. For the 900 students who attend the Gonzaga-ISP institute, from infancy to high school, the opportunities provided by technology are also a reality in everyday life and have been enhanced to provide teaching and training continuity in this long period of suspension of school activity traditional, due to the Covid-19 health emergency.

Particular attention is paid to childhood pupils, “although it is not compulsory school, we give educational continuity with a high level of interaction – underlines Vicky Tarolla, deputy director of the International school Palermo – We recommend not to stay in front of the screen for more than 30 minutes continuously and the professor of physical education sends simple exercises to do at home to keep them active ».

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