Six killed in prison revolts in Italy for coronavirus measures


Six people were killed in an uprising in a prison in Modena. Two guards were held hostage at another riot in a prison in Pavia. The police raided and put an end to that hostage-taking action.

Modena and Pavia are both south of Milan, in the area that is more or less locked due to the corona virus outbreak in Italy. The great social unrest about this has also reached the prisons: in the coming weeks prisoners are no longer allowed to receive family members and only communicate with the outside world by telephone or internet.

This has led to riots in more than 20 cell complexes throughout the country, including in other regions such as Naples and Frosinone, in central Italy. In some places prisoners managed to escape. The prisons are overcrowded and the atmosphere is tense, because Italian justice is overloaded and legal proceedings often take endless times.

The prisoners in Modena broke into the chaos in the prison hospital, where they took methadone. They were killed by overdose.

In Italy, 366 people died from coronavirus infection. According to official figures, almost 7,400 people in the country are infected with it.


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