Strong increase in corona cases Europe, Italy is considering far-reaching measures

Due to the increasing number of infections, countries are taking increasingly stringent measures in their attempts to curb the virus outbreak.

In Italy, plans were announced tonight for mandatory measures to close the entire Lombardy region and fourteen provinces. People should only be allowed in and out of the regions and provinces if this is strictly necessary. Halfway through the night from Saturday to Sunday, Prime Minister Conte said further details would follow later.

NOS correspondent Mustafa Marghadi emphasizes that a decision has not yet been made and that the measures that will ultimately be taken can be much less draconian. “In Italy, these kinds of plans are dropped to see how they fall in public opinion. It also seems impossible to close off entire regions. It is hard enough to maintain the lockdown of ten small places.”

It was announced today that the Pope is limiting his public appearances to prevent crowds of people and that the government is pumping billions into the economy to absorb the damage caused by the corona virus. This is allowed by the EU, because there is an emergency situation and one-off expenses.

Funeral as a source of infection

In Spain, a village in the Basque Country is sealed off from the outside world, after dozens of people from the village may have been infected at a funeral.

And in some regions of France, schools have closed their doors. For example, in the L’Oise department, north of Paris, where around 26,000 children are now living at home.

Ghost towns have emerged in some French municipalities:


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