The best 24 Hours in Shanghai!

Shanghai in 24 Hours.

Let’s go! Get up early and make yourway to the famous Bund.

This area provides someof the best views of the Pudong Skyline and the olderarchitecture of Shanghai.

In the early morning it’s agreat place to see the locals in action, go for a run andto practice some tai chi.

Head to the formerFrench Concession to find Shanghai‘s best coffee.

Cafe Del Volcan and Egg aretwo of our favorite spots to grab some fresh brews with a bite.

Explore the funky boutiquesin the tiny alleys of Tianzifang.

The little maze is a greatplace to find some souvenirs and to grab that second coffee.

Pick up a pair of the original Shanghai Feiyue sneakers for the most stylish souvenir ever.

This is the moment you’vebeen working towards all day xiao long bao for lunch.

Line up at Jia Jia TangBao for the perfect soupy Shanghai dumplings.

They really are the best on the planet.

Find your way to the hidden Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre inside the basement ofan apartment complex.

The museum explainsChina’s cultural revolution through propaganda poster artand provides a unique view on Mao’s China.

Head to Shanghai‘s People’s Park to escape the busy city with some tranquility.

Join the locals as they play mahjong and enjoy some traditional music.

And if you head in on theweekend you can have a look at the original Tinder ashundreds of families advertise their single children inthe park with printed out dating profiles.

So have a browse and you mightfind the love of your life.

Jump in a didi and make yourway to one of Shanghai‘s many rooftop bars.

Grab a cocktail and enjoythe view as the sun sets over the urban jungle.

Grab dinner at Jian Guo 328a Shanghainese restaurant popular with locals.

Order traditional Shanghainese fare like scallion noodles and hong shao rou.

End your night at one ofShanghai‘s many small bars.

Our personal favorite is Speak Low which has a secretentrance through a bookshop and serves some of the best cocktails in all of Asia.

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