5 Street Food Dishes You Must Try in Shanghai

Welcome to Shanghai, China’s financial capital. Situated on the east coast with its modern skyline, it’s hard not to get distracted by all the towering skyscrapers. But stay closer to the ground, and you’ll find quaint neighborhoods serving up some of the city’s best food.

Shanghai is an immigrant city, so the cuisine here is all about blending flavors from different parts of the country.

In this episode, we take you on a breakfast journey Shanghai style.

Or youtiao, are popular throughout China because they can be eaten by itself, wrapped in a crepe, or dipped in savory soy milk.

It’s a crunchy, carby, savory comfort food.

Many people drink soy milk by itself, but locals in Shanghai love adding toppings such as soy sauce and seasoning to their milk.

Found all over southern China, these delicate purses of meat, called huntun, are freshly wrapped every morning with pork and a generous helping of vegetables and chives.

Soup dumplings, or xiaolongbao, were born in this part of China.

Minced pork and gelatinized broth is wrapped in a thin wheat wrapper.

These pan-fried buns, or shengjian, started appearing in Shanghai teahouses in the 1930s.

They’re stuffed with pork, and topped with scallions and sesame seeds.

If you’re ever in Shanghai, you can find these street eats at these five places.

Fried dough sticks, savory soy milk, wonton, soup dumplings, pan-fried buns.

And if you’re still hungry, explore some more.

Your stomach will thank you.

we’ll be taking you to Taiwan, where late night is the way to do ine;”>street food.

Make sure to tune in.

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See you next time, and happy eating wherever you are.

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