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Check this out It’s Trevor James I’m in Shanghai, China And we’re going for a full on street food exploration of this city I’m so pumped Let’s go check it out Shanghai is now one of the world’s most modern and upscale cities in the world Over the course of a few decades The stereotype of bicycle packed streets is now one filled with Porches and highrises I came here to eat And as a city famous for importing other cuisines from across China Locals take pride in the few dishes that they do specialize in I started out by having a solo Foodrangin’ day in search of a few of those specialties And then the next day I met up with a local friend for feasting 什么饼里面?What’s the pastry in there? 这个啊?This? 你吃一下就知道了If you eat it you’ll know 是葱饼吗?Is it made with onions? 这个是葱饼This one has green onions 这个是什么?What about this one? 这个是甜的This one is sweet 这个是甜的吗?Oh this one is sweet? 对Yeah 然后这个呢?What about this one? 这个咸的It’s salty 咸的,那我可以吃一个甜的吗?Oh salty, can I have a sweet one please 这个甜的有什么馅?What’s the filling in the sweet one? 糖的It’s sugar 对Yeah Lucky catch! 这个是糖的This is made with sugar 对Yeah 糖的It’s made with sugar 甜的It’s sweet 是红糖吗?Is it made with brown sugar? 白糖It’s white sugar 谢谢你Thank you 那个是馅的That one is salty 有盐It has salt 那我尝一下Then I gotta try it out 好吃很棒的It’s delicious and awesome 香啊,中国的小吃啊,有名It’s so fragrant, a specialty from China, so famous 很有名Oh it’s famous 你们国家肯定没有Your country definitely doesn’t have this 没有Nope 这个是我们上海的特色This is our Shanghai specialty 很甜的It’s so sweet 你们喜欢吃面包什么咖啡的You guys eat those bread and coffee things 我们只要这个的We eat this 噢,我们喜欢咖啡,你们喜欢这个Oh, we like coffee, you guys like this 很好吃的It’s really good 你来自哪个国家?Where are you from? 加拿大Canada 谢谢你Thanks Oh it’s like a little pocket of sugar The inside is really nice and flaky and soft And the outside is crunchy That’s what it’s all about I needed something else to eat for breakfast So I walked down the street And I found a famous China snack The jianbing AKA the Chinese crepe It’s made with sticky dough and topped with a raw egg thats spread overtop Then add some coriander and scallions A few chopped mustard pickles And then the real magic A special bean paste and a touch of chilies And a final addition of a crispy cracker Then BOOM, this beauty is ready to devour 谢谢你Thanks 太好了Awesome We’re going to try it out Look at this Look at this crispy jianbing That’s what its all about And the jiang is so fragrant We’re just going to go right in for that We’re going to go right in for the kill here That is the perfect flavour delivery in the morning Oh yeah 那个有一点辣It’s a little spicy 你要辣嘛?You like it spicy? 我爱辣I love it spicy That’s so good The bean paste is really nice It’s quite salty That cracker is really crispy Same with this outer skin That’s a true classic Chinese breakfast here in Shanghai And since it was Friday I made my way over to the Friday weekly muslim market A thriving hotspot of food and culture from the Uighur people of China’s far west Xinjiang province This was like meat heaven 这个是羊肉是吗?全羊So this is a whole roast lamb? 是Yes 你们用什么香料?What ingredients do you use? 吓?Huh? 用什么香料What sort of ingredients? 好吃的We use good ingredients 很香的It smells so nice 我可以吃多少钱?can I please try some, how much should I eat? 现在可以吃一点吗?20块可以吗?How about 20 RMB ($3.00)? 20块不可以,30块以上20 isn’t enough, but 30 RMB ($4.50) is good 30块好好OK 30 sounds good 我吃30块I’ll have 30 worth Wow this looks so good 40块行吗?How about 40 ($6.00)Wow this looks so good 40块行吗?How about 40 ($6.00) 这个30块?This is 30? 40块It’s 40 40块?40? 这里有标价的The price is here 40,可以40, sounds good 这个是什么味道的?What’s the main flavour of the lamb? 咸的It’s salty 好吃的Good flavour It’s salty He wouldn’t tell me what spices are on there So we’re just going right in for the taste test Oh that looks so tender Chopsticks with lamb Let’s just go in That is super tender It’s like light cumin It’s like a light sprinkle of cumin 给你一个尝尝You have to try these 我要去尝一尝,看起来很好吃的I’ll go over there and buy some, they look good 来,拿上Have one here 噢,真的吗?Really? 真的吗?Really? 来这个大的Take a big one 可以吗?Really? 可以Yeah 不好意思,我尝一尝Oh I’ll just take a little try 这个是羊肉馅?This is lamb filling? We have a lamb jiaozi A huge jiaozi 太好了Awesome 再来一个Take another one 不用不用,我去买No no, I’ll go buy some 不用,再来一个Don’t do that, just have another one here 真的吗?Really? 真的Yeah really 不用不用No no 没事,再来一个No problem, take another 谢谢Thank you It fell apart 谢谢Thank you That is deep, strong mutton flavour 这个羊肉的味道很重The lamb flavour is so strong 对对对Yeah it is 很重,很好吃的It’s so heavy And after that marvellous lamb dumpling I explored a few other stalls and I found a puffy and juicy Xinjiang style fried beef bao That was ultra oily It was definitely one of the oiliest baos that I have ever tried 牛肉煎包Beef fried bao 一个多少钱?How much for one? 2.5块It’s 2.5 RMB ($0.37) 那我吃一个Great then I’ll buy one please 好的,吃一个尝尝Great, try one out 牛肉煎包The beef bao 太好了Awesome 太好了Yeah awesome 你们特色的馅Your specialty filling 很好吃的,你吃一个尝尝It’s really good, try it out 谢谢Thank you Oh it’s hot! We’re going to go right in Did you see that? Did you see the squirt? That is super oily I didn’t get much of the filling though, let’s go deeper Look at that beef filling Oh yeah, that is layered The core is completely juicy heaven The outer crust is so crispy And the middle is like a fluffy gooey dough layer Look at it it’s so juicy Next level pocket of glee right here And after exploring a little more I made my way to try the famous Shanghai sesame butter noodles These were off the hook delicious I can smell the sesame That sesame smell 你有麻酱面?You have the sesame paste noodles? 特色的麻酱面The special sesame paste noodles? 一碗麻酱面还有牛肉汤One bowl of those and also a bowl of beef curry soup please 20块It’s 20 RMB ($3.00) 谢谢Thanks Nowhere to sit This is busy 给你可以吗?Can I give this to you? 谢谢Thanks 听说你们的麻酱面很特色的I hear the noodles here are the best 这个是芝麻酱吗?This is the sesame paste? 对Yeah 还有牛肉汤And a bowl of beef curry soup 然后这个是什么?What about this 这个是辣肉辣椒烧的肉This is pork stewed in chilies 辣椒?辣肉Spicy pork 谢谢Thanks Look at this! Look at that presentation It’s really nice and folded over 我肯定要点那个I’ll definitely have to order that We’re going to add the larou Oh it’s covered in all that chili oil Larou adding to the majiang sesame paste noodles This is very delightful to the eyes 这个是咖喱的味道,对吗?And this is like a light Chinese curry flavour? 对对Yeah 咖喱的味道Curry flavour 放一点咖喱汤Put a little curry soup in there 搅拌一下You gotta mix it up 我尝一下Let’s try it out 那个特别香That is super flavour packed That is delicious That sesame paste is really strong and buttery And thick 这个辣肉有一点辣,很好吃的This pork definitely spicy 你能吃辣吗?Do you like spicy? 我爱辣I love it spicy Those are extraordinary Some of the best noodles I’ve ever had This is noodle heaven I’m in noodle heaven right now And for the final meal of the day before meeting up with my local friend the next day I went to a classic time honoured restaurant that’s been open And serving hungry customers their signature shengjianbao for over 80 years The deep fried bao are cooked Shanghai style With shrimp and minced pork thats just slightly sweet 这里的生煎包可以吗?The shengjianbao is alright here? 可以Yeah they are good 你吃过吗?You’ve had them before? 吃过Yeah 好吃吗?How are they? 这个是老店,有名气的This is a really old and famous joint 有名气的Super famous 很长的历史?A long history? 它叫大壶春It’s called “Dahuchun” 大壶春“Dahuchun” 吃的话一定要到这里吃If you eat shengjianbao, you have to eat them here 在上海肯定要来这里?You gotta come here? 我们家在这里还在这里买Yeah we all buy them 真的吗?Really? 买了带回家里We bring them back home 买了带回家?Bring them home? 谢谢你Thank you That what is all about! Look at these So we have some authentic Shengjianbao here in Shanghai Look at this Stuffed with pork Look at the bottom It’s got that brown crispy layer Almost like a stamp from a seal Wow! That meat is actually a little sweet And I can taste There’s like this crispy Almost burnt like, but good burnt like flavour to this outer bun shell You can taste the wokhei The charry-ness of the wok Of that pan that they grill them in It’s beautiful 美味的A beautiful flavour 这个外面的皮很脆脆的The outer skin is so crispy 脆脆的Yeah it’s so crispy 还有一点锅气的味道And there is a “wokhei” black flavour to it 对对对Yeah 那个锅很黑的The flavour from the black pan 我们这个肉馅是咸中带点甜Yeah the flavour is mainly salty with a slight touch of sweetness 带甜,对对对,一点点甜A touch of sweetness, that’s right! 一点点甜Just a little sweet 上海最有名的,很好吃的They must be so famous in Shanghai 这个最好的上海Number1 Number1These are number 1 in Shanghai! 好Great 很好So good 上海话叫有名的They are so famous in Shanghai 名的Famous 上海话叫有名的In Shanghai language we say “ming de” 这个是上海最地道的小吃This is the most authentic spot 最地道的!The most authentic! 对Yeah And after a relaxing evening walking around downtown I met up with my local friend Xiaoyun the next day She offered to take me out for a full day of eating There’s nothing better 很多早餐!There’s a lot of breakfast! 对啊Yeah 看起来都好吃的It all looks so good 今天我们要去吃的可能比这个更好But I want to bring you to eat better stuff Let’s go take a look 今天我们要吃这个叫四大金刚Today we are going to eat the 4 “king kong” 四大金刚?The 4 king kongs? 对,上海非常有名的早餐Yeah, some very famous Shanghai breakfasts 就是这家店,排很长的队All right here at this famous breakfast joint 对Great 有什么特色的What’s the specialty? 有豆浆,油条,大饼还有糍饭There’s famous soybean milk, fried dough sticks, rice cakes, and rice wraps 都在这?All here? 对,都可以吃到Yeah you can try it all here 太好了Awesome I’m excited 今天我们要吃的是四大金刚We’re going to try the 4 king kongs 加一个米饭饼,就是五种And add a special rice cake, you can have 5 五种吗?5 types? 你可以吃的Yeah you can eat it all 我很期待,很多I’m excited 很大的油条Wow look at that huge fried dough stick 超大It’s huge 很大的油条That’s a big dough stick 我要四大金刚全都要,然后两个米饭饼We will have all 4 specialties, and 2 rice cakes 然后豆浆要咸的And one sweet soy milk and one salty 很大It’s huge Look at this 很大的油条A big youtiao stick Huge youtiao And then there are some rice flour pancakes underneath And then we have some bings under here too 看起来很多好吃的Just look at all this food 超丰盛It’s very sumptuous 对Yeah 然后有油条大饼We have dough sticks and cakes 然后呢就是豆浆,有甜的和咸的And soy milk, both one salty and one sweet 这个豆浆看起来跟别的不一样This soybean milk is different from the normal ones 他们加什么东西在里面What do they put inside here? 里面有你看油条,虾皮This one has dough sticks, shrimp shells, seaweed 这个就是甜的This one is sweet 这个就是甜的豆浆So this one is sweet 这个就是经常会喝到的This is the one you usually see 甜的豆浆A sweet soy milk 还有这个是?What about this? 糍饭团Its a glutinous rice wrap 这个是糍饭团A rice wrap 糯米的团Made with glutinous rice 对糯米团,外面是糯米中间是油条还有加咸的蛋黄Yes, you can see the outside is rice and the inside is a dough stick and duck egg yolk 咸鸭蛋在里面?There’s a boiled duck egg yolk inside? 咸鸭蛋的蛋黄在里面Yeah, just the yolk 蛋黄在里面It’s right inside 对,然后还有肉松Yeah, and some shredded dried pork 肉松Oh pork 对Yeah 当然他们家比较有名的就是这个,米饭团And another famous snack here is the rice cake 米饭团,还有很大的油条A rice cake, and huge dough sticks! 超大!Extremely big! 那我们尝一尝Ok let’s start Let’s try it out Oh, that is good 什么味道?What’s the flavour? 海带的味道还有虾的味道It tastes like seaweed and shrimp 虾皮的味道The shrimp shell flavour 还有一点咸And a little salty 用中国的话说是比较鲜,鲜Yeah we would call this a delicacy in Chinese 咸的A delicacy 我们一起分开Let’s split it up 好OK 你可以先沾,沾着尝一下You can first dip it 那个是甜的豆浆That’s the sweet one 甜的豆浆the sweet soybean milk 可以把这个米饭饼包到这个油条里面吃You can wrap this rice cake around the dough stick 我给你包这个吧Here, you can have this one 放这个Oh wrap it around 对Yeah 然后它这个You can see 大家都这么吃的Everyone eats it like that 你看阿姨也是这样吃的Even the aunty over here is eating it like that 阿姨也是这样吃的The aunty is eating it like that too Look at that 可以吗?Can I do that? 可以Yeah 你随意Do whatever you like? Look at that Just put some right in there That’s what it’s all about Yeah it’s good right This is a really nice breakfast And we still have lots more to eat It’s like a sticky rice wrap With a youtiao on the inside And a salted duck egg Look at that 有一点干It’s a little dry It’s pretty good But I gotta say this 这个是我最喜欢的This is my favourite 那个蛋黄The duck egg 我可以抠一点吃I’ll try it out Is it good? 有一点硬,微硬It’s a little hard too 谢谢你们Thank you 太好吃了That was delicious 谢谢Thanks 这里是个菜市场,算是菜市场This is a local vegetable market 等一会儿我要去吃的东西叫单挡In a bit we are going to go eat another thing called Dandang 单挡?Dandang? 没有听过这个名字吧Have you heard of it before? 没听过Never heard of it 我也很期待,一起去喔I’m excited to take you Let’s go check it out 我们到的这家店呢专门吃叫单挡We are at this local spot that sells the Dandang 单挡Dandang 和腐乳肉And pork cooked in pickled tofu 腐乳肉Furu pork 用腐乳做出来的It’s made with pickled tofu 腐乳做出来的?Made with pickled tofu? 那个豆腐乳Right from the tofu 对对对Yeah yeah yeah 阿姨,要一个第一个骨头汤单挡菜饭Aunty, can we please have one pork bone soup with a Dandang ball 可以可以,等一下坐在这里We’ll just sit here is that ok? 单挡,先我点吧,然后加一份腐乳肉One dandang, and another pickled tofu pork 这个是面粉做的?This is made with wheat? 面筋It’s made with gluten 面筋做的Oh it’s gluten 面筋塞肉,里面有肉喔It’s gluten stuffed with pork 里面有肉There’s meat inside Look at that,Look at that Its like a little jelly ball of joy Let’s get a little chili on here 这个会很辣喔!This will be really spicy! 她说很辣喔She said it will be spicy 我爱辣I love spicy 他爱辣He loves spicy 我爱辣I love spicy 这个是猪骨头汤This is a pork bone soup 骨头汤Bone soup It’s like a pork bone soup And there is this gooey wheat flour ball And there is meat inside Let’s try that out 有肉吗?Is there meat? Wow! 辣吗?Is it spicy? It’s really gooey 里面有很多肉There’s lots of meat inside 有很特色的口感There’s a really special mouthfeel Oh thank you! 很紧致It’s very delicate 本来看起来比较肥,但是放嘴里一点也不腻It looks really fatty but it’s not greasy at all 它用红粉,有得卖的They use red coloured powder to make it 有那个蒸的卖的粉They go and buy the red powder 腌制一下就行了And then marinate the pork in it 就是豆腐乳那个红粉吗?The same powder from making pickled tofu? 豆腐乳也可以Yeah It tastes like home cooked ine;”>food It’s very simple but very delicious and home style 你要肥还是瘦?Do you want the lean or fatty meat? 瘦,我要瘦I’ll take the lean 我给你瘦,我吃肥Take the lean meat 肥的有胶原蛋白The fatty has collagen 可以美容You can beautify That’s pure fat! 你会变得越来越帅气了之后You’ll get more and more handsome 我吃那个肉的时候,我看那个肉很红色的When I ate this and saw the red colour 然后很期待是什么样的味道I was really looking forward to the flavour 我吃这个的时候觉得就是有一点甜有一点咸,跟家里的味道一样It’s just slightly salty and sweet, like home cooked ine;”>food.那个红色没有重的味道The red colour has no particular flavour 对对Yeah yeah 我以为是很重的味道,但是就是很香很简单的味道I thought it would be strong, but it’s quite light and simple 这个是上海的胡同?So these are the hutong alleys of Shanghai? 弄堂Yeah, the alleys 对,就是比较有生活气息Yeah, you can feel the daily life here 很多衣服There’s lots of clothes 都可以挂在外面Yep, they all hang them outside 很传统的样子It seems very traditional 对Yeah And for the final meal of the night Xiaoyun brought me to try one of China’s summer time favourite meals – crayfish Soaked and boiled in 13 spices Crayfish are becoming hugely popular in China Literally translated from Chinese They are called little lobsters And in one setting People will usually eat around 3 kilos 十三个香料?These are made with 13 flavours? 对Yeah 十三种中药配制而成的一种香料Yeah 13 Chinese medicines make up one spice mix 最重要的香料是什么?What’s the key flavour? 辣椒吗?Chilies? 不是辣椒Not chilies 就是中药的,中草药It’s Chinese medicine 中国的药Chinese medicine? 中国的药,对对对Yeah, Chinese medicine 真的吗?这个意思吗?Really? That’s the meaning? 那我们上来吃一点Then we’ll go upstairs and eat 可以的OK 它居然有这个榴莲龙虾There’s durian crayfish here! 你能想象吗?Can you imagine that? 榴莲龙虾?Durian crayfish? 对Yeah 真的吗?Really? 那个现在的榴莲都不是很好,我们都没做了Right now the durian isn’t too good, we’re not making that 没有做了We’re not making it now 对,就是榴莲有点嫩嘛Yeah, right now we can’t get any good durian 这个是那个香辣蟹These are the spicy and fragrant crabs 香辣蟹Oh spicy and fragrant Oh my 一点咖喱的味道It smells a little bit like curry 对对对Yeah yeah yeah That looks good! 打开之后,有点烫After you open it, oh it’s hot 这个地方是它的腮,这个是不能吃的,因为比较凉性This spot is its cheek, you can’t eat that, it stinks 这个地方是它的腮,这个是不能吃的,因为比较凉性This spot is its cheek, you can’t eat that, it stinksThat’s the lung That’s the lung Is that right? Let’s go That huang It’s all about the guts It’s so creamy Creamy? It’s creamy Creamy are you sure? Yeah it’s creamy And it’s oily and creamy and spicy There’s not much meat in there Only a little A little meat But that flavour is good Really spicy and fragrant You can taste all the spices in there This is the xiaolongxia 对,这个是十三香的吧,十三香These are the 13 spice crayfish 13 spices And these, what are these 年糕Glutinous rice flour cakes It’s spicy It’s super spicy The spices are like granular 哇,比我们中午吃的还辣Wow you can eat spicier than Chinese 有孜然的味道You can taste the cumin That’s ultra spicy 噢,你没有学会Oh you haven’t studied well OK,OK,对了对了OK you got it OK,OK,对了对了OK you got itOh yeah Oh yeah 我把一个完整的给你I’ll give you a whole one Oh that’s good 你看Look at that Tender, really tender 真的吗?Really? 完整的虾肉A whole one 完整的虾肉A whole oneLook at that,that’s the pure meat there Look at that,that’s the pure meat there That’s the pure xiao long xia rou 这个有多一点孜然的味道,然后这个有多一点香辣的味道This one has more cumin flavour, and this one has more smooth spice 像你说的有多一点咖喱的味道Yeah you said it has a nice curry flavour 这个真的是很辣很辣And yeah this one is really spicy 对对Yeah yeah So I just gotta give a huge thank you to Xiaoyun for that wonderful day It was a really good day in Shanghai we just had a great feast So please click that subscribe button down below Leave a thumbs up And let us know what you thought about this video Leave a comment Ok, lets keep exploring We got the niu rou, what’s it called?.

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