Shanghai#4: The Authentic Shanghai Food Tour | 上海人都爱的正宗上海老字号

A very famous building Peace Hotel Shanghai Back in the 1920s when Shanghai used to colonies of other countries it was the highest building of the time ! Look at the interior decorations very fancy I will bring you to try some authentic Shanghai food that is well loved by Shanghai locals Highly recommend this Almond cookie Let’s get some Give me me 2 of these Pay with my cellphone vegetarian duck I haven’t had it for a long time ! This is a very popular snack in the 1990s when people did not have much other food options at the time When I was a kid, there weren’t that many food as the kids have for nowadays.

Tai Kang food store is one of the traditional food store in SH Their food is of very good quality So when you’re in SH you need to look for these old stores If you are tourists you might want to try those popular cafes with fancy decos But for SH people, we love old traditional stores.

Fresh moon cake but it contains pork We can only have Halal food today so we need to skip this The absolute best beef jerky in SH, Lifeng ! My all time favo like this almond biscuit very soft yum ! I love this from childhood time Although it’s more expensive now 9.

6 RMB for 2 used to be maybe 4RMB for 2 The price in Shanghai or in China in general increased a lot in recent years.

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