Shanghai’s Best Restaurants! From Daimon to Jia Jia Tang Bao! 🇨🇳 🥘

Shanghai is one of thebest places in the world to eat some really amazing food and today, we’re gonna be trying out five completely different restaurants that really capturethe spirit of Shanghai.

From more local, casual Shanghainese fare to some fancy dining.

Let’s eat! So, this is Jianguo 328 it’s a small popularShanghainese restaurant that’s named after its location.

And they make somepretty darn tasty dishes.

Alright, so we got one of the most iconic Shanghainese dishes this is Hong Shao Rou braised pork with chestnut and quail egg Let’s try it.

So I’ve got all threethings in my mouth right now the egg, the meat, chestnut Goes so well together With the sauce, I justthink it would go amazing with a bowl of rice.

Can I get some rice over here? So this is Scallion Oil Noodles It’s got 3 ingredients obviously the scallion oil, we got spring onion, some dried scampi and you can have this anytime of day you know, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Let’s try it! No joke this is really good So simple, yet so delicious This will definitely fill me up.

Daimon is located on the famous Bund this place is really cool it looks like Hong Kong from the 80s with the neon signs we got Hong Kong money coaster they also serve up somereinvented Canto classics and I’m from Hong Kongmyself, born and raised so let’s see if the foodlives up to my expectations.

Alright, so I got some prettyinteresting Xiao Long Baos here with flavors I’venever seen on any menu I’m gonna go for the mostinteresting looking one Let’s try this chili crab The spiciness is starting to come.

It’s really different, obviously from the traditional Xiao Long Bao but it still has that very soft meat It’s my first time eatinga spicy Xiao Long Bao I’ve been eating XiaoLong Bao my whole life It goes really well together.

Alright, so now, we’vegot this Cha Siu Bao It’s like a barbecue pork bunbut inside a pineapple bun.

Which is like a sweet bunwith barbecue meat inside.

Mmmm! Oh there’s so much meat in there I feel like I am eatinghalf dessert and half savory No, it’s really good! Oh, thank you.

So this is the clay potrice, very Hong Kong.

And uh, instead of maybechicken feet or the usual pork we got ham, Spanish ham and got a egg yolk and he just poured in somelard as well as soy sauce So, gonna mix it all upand see how it tastes.

Let’s try it.

As you all know, I’m a rice lover.

It goes really well together especially with soysauce, and bit of the fat.

Although clay pot rice isalso known for being really kind of burnt and crispy on the side because it’s cooked in a clay pot.

This one lacks that quality but it’s still a littlecrispy on the side, delicious.

This is Jia Jia Tang Bao.

One of the best placesif not the best place apparently to have XiaoLong Bao in Shanghai.

They specialize in porkand crab Xiao Long Bao.

These are a bit trickierthan your average dumplings.

What you do, you dipit in the vinegar sauce you bite the side, drink the soup and then eat the whole thing.

Alright, so we got this pork and crab and look at the color! You can just see the crabdominating this dumpling.

You can feel like a powdery kind of crab because in Chinese, it is crab powder.

It feels very seafoody, andyou kinda lose the pork in it.

But this one is a perfect balance.

Alright now, we gotthe pure crab dumplings these massive, massive dumplings.

Wow, this is full on, so much soup.

Each dumpling is like abowl of soup in itself.

I’m literally just drinking soup.

These were all so amazing gonna have one more, thenuh, onto the next place.

So, Hakkasan serves Cantonesefood with a Michelin star.

And this one looks pretty familiar.

It looks like a Har Gow which is a traditionalCantonese shrimp dumpling expect this one’s got lily bulb inside and it obviously looksa little bit fancier.

Let’s try it.

This one really reminds me of home.

The shrimp is so fresh, you know it’s still crunchy to your mouth and this sauce is honestly my recommendation for any dim sum.

Next, we got a pretty interesting dish it’s like a fun-size Peking duck pancake pancake, the cucumber,scallions, sauce, Peking duck but this one is topped withsome extravagant caviar.

What’s coming out the most flavor-wise would be the caviar the saltiness kinda takesover, but in a good way.

Normally when you havePeking duck you taste the sweetness of the saucethat kinda overpowers things but this one’s got a nicebalance with the meat and the caviar.

Really interesting! Okay so this is pretty cool,this is a chicken dish, and they just pump some smoke in there, it’s been smoked in jasmine tea leaves, so Let’s open it.

Ooo, that’s really cool! The leaf smells really strong.

The look of it really remindsme of zaa zi gai from home.

Let’s see if it tastes similar.

Whoa! It’s got such a strong, smokey flavor.

I’ve never had any chickenthat tastes like this before.

You should definitely try this one.

I’m gonna go for more.

So we’re at super-hip Xin Tian Di and this is XiXi Bistro where they do a prettyunique combination of Italian and Chinese food.

It’s all pretty new to me So, let’s try it and find outif it’s weird or if it works.

Okay, so I am reallyexcited to try this one because it’s got rice on it although, that’s not thetype of rice I am used to.

This is crispy rice ontop of some Ma Po Tofu But instead of havingmeat with the Ma Po Tofu like the traditional way, it’s just tofu.

Hope it’s not too spicy.

Let’s go for it.

You know what? It’s surprisingly really good.

I’m not getting any feellike a rice crispy feel.

It just feels more like a crispy tofu It’s quite spicy, but itworks really well together.

So next we got this Hong Shao Rou terrinesushi box, bento box.

Let’s try it.

Love it.

This is really weird, like a good weird like a mix of I feel like Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian.

I just love simple rice combinations.

It works so well together,it’s a really fun dish.

Okay so I have probablyeaten better in this video than in my entire life.

I’ve spent the entire week visiting different types of restaurants.

If I had to choose my favorite though not being biased here but Daimon would be my pick.

I mean you go in, you seethe Hong Kong neon signs they have such thoughtful decor you think it’s a traditionaltype of Hong Kong styled food but it’s actually gotsurprise elements to each one to keep you on your toes.

So, I will definitely goback for that clay pot rice.

Okay, I think I am done eating gonna go get a drink at the Bund so see you all later!.

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