Airbnb Experience Shanghai: Taste Home Cooking By a Shanghai Mom

What does a normal, everyday meal looks like in China? What are the dishes that Shanghai people dream of home? Is it possible to taste traditional Chinese food in a regular Shanghai home? The answer is YES! Happiness is homemade.

Happiness is mom food.

I am a mom and a Shanghai native.

I cook traditional home-style Shanghai comfort food.

When you come to my experience you will have an authentic Shanghai meal at a local Shanghai home, No hustling of tourist restaurants no bustling of cooking classes in commercial kitchens this experience is reserved just for you exactly the way Shanghai locals eat.

You will enjoy homemade dishes include: Sautéed oyster mushroom with Tofu skin Shanghai style Braised Pork with Rice Cake and many more Vegetarians have no shortage of dishes to try With my home cooking Shanghai meal whenever you are, there is always a place where it smells like mom’s cooking tastes like mom’s food looks like mom’s smile.

After the meal, I can give you a tour of my neighborhood to experience Shanghai daily life where the locals shop, pick up kids from school, etc.

And meet the local cat.

Our lunch will take place in a local residence, at one of the largest resident community in the Shanghai suburb.

It is a charming day pairing with nearby Qibao Ancient Town.

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