China Street Food Tour – STINKY TOFU! | Xitang Water Town (西塘古镇)

– I never thought I would try this again – This is stinky tofu – I can’t do it – Hey guys, we just arrived in a town called Xitang – It’s a water town – that’s criss crossed by 9 rivers – So this is one of many water towns – There are other ones closer to Shanghai if you don’t have time We chose this one because it is a bit further away from Shanghai city – There’s probably less tourist here – Let’s do some exploring! – Just walked through the entrance gates – and this is the first view we get – I just love how peaceful it is here even if there’s a few tourists around – It’s nice and open – We’re just walking towards the main city area of Xitang – We’re here near the entrance – Look at all the things we have to explore – Let’s get to it *SORRY FOR THE POOR AUDIO!* – Got some street ine;”>food here – There’s actually a few stores that sell street food here at Xitang Water Town – This here is fried quail eggs – and this one here looks like a sausage – That’s just been cut up – to make it look fancy like an octopusssss – Let’s try the quail egg one first – A little bit oily – On the quail eggs – There’s a bit of salt and pepper on it as well – Gives it a bit of flavour – Mmm love quail eggs.

Quail eggs are awesome – That’s really (x4) good! – It’s got the same pepper and salt mixture on there as well – I think there’s also other spices – Because it’s a little bit sweet – or that could be from the sausage – but this is solid – I’m going to try the sausage – Very fatty – but that’s what street ine;”>food is right? – Quick, easy food – and delicious! – Cheers! – Wondering through the water town – We were surprised at how many interesting street food vendors there were – You could try a selection of bug such as millipedes and crickets – Or perhaps, hand made potato noodles – Behind me he’s making some kind of ginger candy – Look how cool that looks – I never thought I’d try this again – This is stinky tofu – I was so traumatised from – the first time we had stinky tofu in Taiwan – I’m breathing through my mouth.

I’m scared – You’re making me gag – I can’t do it – omg – Tastes good right? – Your eyes are rolling to the back of your head – Are you foodgasming? – Is it THAT good? – YUCKKKKK – Keep chewing! – What a legend! – What a machine! – If you haven’t watched that video – We can put a link to the video in the description below – I can’t believe we’re trying this again – This is actually a popular street food snack here in Xitang – It actually looks pretty good the way they were frying it – So we thought we had to give it another go – We’ve also put – 2 different types of sauces on there – Looks like a dark soy sauec – (I’m not quite sure) – and a sweet sauce.

Let’s taste it! – Here I go – omg – omggggg – It’ looks really crispy though – She double fried it – I can’t do it Small bite! – Actually – This doesn’t taste too bad – This is a little bit different to the way – it was cooked when we were in Taiwan – Taste similar to just normal tofu actually I’m going to get more sauce on it – One of the sauces taste like soy sauce and the other one is a bit spicy actually – I actually like it! Surprisingly! – Just that little aftertaste of stinky tofu though – but it’s manageable – Alright, going to try stinky tofu again – Oh man, the last time I had this – I was gagging – Alright, let’s try it – You put the whole thing in your mouth?! *Did I make the right choice here?* – It’s alright yeh? – It’s not too bad – but next time – Next time I’ll – Next time I think I’ll take smaller bites – The bigger the bite, the more funkiness you get – It’s ok in small doses – I think the sauce makes it a lot better – How much was this? – This was only – 10RMB – So just under $2 – for about 8 pieces of stinky tofu – Worth a try if you’re in Xitang – Much better than Taiwaun – We prefer it over the Taiwanese one – The Taiwanese ones are hardcore – You guys are like on the next level – Guys, we’re just on one of the bridges here at Xitang – and check out that view there with all the boats – It’s really (x2) packed here – At least 100 people on this bridge and it’s a small bridge as well.

– but yeh, look at that! Awesome view We noticed a little food court here in Xitang Water Town – Check out this beef skewer – All of that spices on there! I’m going to try it now.

– My tongue is already getting a bit numb – I think there are some szechuan peppercorns We’ve got something here – This is a Jumbo stuffed chicken wing This wing is stuffed with fried rice – It’s like a whole meal in one – All in my fingers – Alright im gonna try it – It’s freaking hot though – The rice is like a sticky rice – And to end our day in Xitang – We stopped by for these walnut cakes – So I just bought these little babies – Fresh and Hot They’re like little cakes with mixed nuts.

– And also red bean inside – For a box of 12, it was only $2 – That’s the end of this day trip to Xitang and this video guys – It’s definitely worth a visit and only 1 hour from Shanghai If you enjoyed this video, please give us a THUMBS UP – Considering subscribing for more food and travel videos – and Hit that Notification Bell – so Youtube can tell you when we upload next – And as always guys, – Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video.

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