Last Dinner in SHANGHAI | Shanghai Grandmother Restaurant (Authentic Shanghainese Food)

Hey guys, we’re back at the station now.

We had an awesome time at Disneyland Shanghai It was a shame that it was pretty wet weather We didn’t get to explore every single thing that we wanted to but we did do quite a bit I’ve got to say that Disneyland Shanghai is probably one of our most favorite theme parks that we have been to especially their rides.

The Tron ride was right up there.

It was awesome that we went three times It’s pretty cool.

Right now we’re absolutely starving.

So we’re gonna head back into the city and find some food So we’ll see you guys then Hey guys back in Shanghai city.

We’ve just found a restaurant to have dinner at it’s called ‘Shanghai Grandmother Restaurant’ It looks quite popular here in Shanghai.

So we’re gonna go check it out All right guys the first dish that’s come out.

This is the braised pork and boiled eggs With their special brown sauce here at Shanghai grandmother restaurant.

and supposed to be one of their specialties Massive fat to meat ratio there.

Alright, let’s give it a go (Mouth full) Oh my God That’s so fatty, but so freakin delicious Really, really tender meat there Gonna try some of that boiled egg now The eggs all caramelized on the outside The eggs are okay, but that braised pork is an absolute winner.

That is delicious Second dish guys.

This is the spicy Mapo tofu So there’s tofu pieces and some minced pork in some spicy chili sauce Let’s try it It’s pretty good Wow, okay spice is definitely hitting me right there.

I’m starting to sweat but really good flavor I like it Yeh Not too spicy for me After eating that whole plate maybe I’ll start to sweat too And here we’ve got a fried fish in mandarin sweet sauce look at that presentation Just wanna eat it all up right now Looks so good Let’s try a piece of that fried fish Smells good.

I can definitely smell some vinegar in there That sauce Nice and sweet Very similar to the sauce that you’ll get from a a really good sweet sour pork That fish is fried perfectly Really good Wow That’s a tomatoey sauce Look at that guys Do you know what that is? That there is Crispy Beef When we ordered this, the waitress said that it will take a while to come out.

So it must be something special I’m pretty excited to try this.

It’s got some kind of white sauce on top as well It looks kinda like Mayo, but I’m not 100% sure Let’s try it out.

Oh, wow! That is bomb.

I’ve never ever ever had beef like this before The beef is so tender The outside is nicely fried up.

All that panko crumbs and really crispy on the outside The inside is really, really soft I really really like the coating on that Kind of reminds me of Japanese Panko.

Not sure if it is Got some mayo there All right guys just gonna finish off this dinner now, it’s our last meal in Shanghai All right guys, that was our last dinner in Shanghai and that was a delicious last dinner Oh man so stuff right now Shanghai grandmother restaurant can’t recommend them enough.

The service was pretty damn good.

We definitely recommend this place for some authentic Shanghainese food if you don’t want to join it like a hole in the wall place There was a mixture of locals and we noticed a couple tourists as well But generally it is mainly locals which kind of tells us that you know, this place is a solid joint.

Dessert Time! Man, Shanghai even have their own M&M store Check this out The peanut M&Ms on my favorite.

I don’t know about you guys HEY! Cheating on me?! M&M are my favourite Get away M&M, get away! Alright dessert ended up being an ice-cream from Family Mart It’s a melon bar (Melona) So good! We thought we should go home to pack because we have to leave really early tomorrow morning We didn’t have time to go out for dessert So guys, we’re just going to end it there Thanks so much for watching today Hope you guys enjoyed Disneyland Shanghai Enjoyed watching us eat as always If you did enjoy the video, please hit that like button and give us a thumbs up Let us know what you thought about the video by leaving a comment below Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already and keep that notification bell and as always guys, thanks for watching and we’ll see in the next video Byeeeeeee!.

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