Learn Chinese through Travelling – 上海街头美食 – Best Shanghai Street food

Grasp (like Vietnamese cheesecake) Address: Number 94, Nam Duong Street, Tinh An District (near Tay Khang Street) Fried bread flour Number of houses 1190, Cu Khe street, Lo Loan district Tao Pho Dien Tu Phuong Store, No.

18, Lane 274, Thai Khang Street, Lo Loan District Cold eel noodles Number 805, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District Chicken egg cakes Kim Quang Village, Thuong Bac Street, New Pudong District Fried dumplings No.

54-60 Road Wujiang, Shanghai Fried fried rice No.

102, Cao An Road, Xuhui District Mixed rice cake (rice cake) No.

274, Wulumuqi Street (Oh Luohu Qi) lotus root stuffed sticky rice Nanchang Road Fried radish cake Lane 439, Mong Tu Street, Lo Loan District Noodle sauce with onion oil Address: No.

714, Uy Hai Street, Tinh An District (near Bac Mau Danh Street) Fried onion sandwich 1.

Number of 159 houses, Mau Danh Bac street, Lo Loan district 2.

Trung Hoa street, Hoang Pho district Sichuan spicy soup Floor 1, No.

50, Van Hang Do Street, Tinh An District Steamed dumplings No.

267, Mai Lung Street, Xuhui District Roll cake (Vietnamese banh chung) No.

2058, Binh Luong Street, Duong Pho District Thank you for watching.

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