Shanghai Nanxiang Xiaolongbao – Historical View on a Spectacular Dish

Shanghai Nanxiang Xiaolongbao has a history of more than 100 years.

Nanxiang Xiaolongbao began in the Tongzhi decade of the Qing Dynasty and was founded by Huang Mingxian, the owner of Nanhua Town Rihuaxuan Dim Sum.

He used unfermented fine flour as the skin, and the filling was made by hand-picked pork, and the meat was frozen with meat. In order to avoid the vicious competition between the peers, he adopted the method of “heaving the thin skin and making the big change” for the traditional big meat hoe.

The fine white flour was used to make the thin skin; the meat was used as the filling, without the MSG, and the chicken skin was used to boil the skin. Stir in, take it fresh, sprinkle with a small amount of finely divided sesame seeds to take its fragrance; also take crab powder or spring bamboo, shrimp and meat filling according to different festivals, each hoe is folded more than fourteen, one or two flour Made ten, shaped like a translucent, small and exquisite;

Nanxiang Xiaolongbao
When you get out of the cage, you can take one of them in a small dish, poke the skin, and fill the sauce with a sauce. It is gradually formed into a thin skin, fresh juice, tender meat and rich flavor. It has become a delicious spot for sale in the ancient garden. They are all called “Guxiangyuan Nanxiang Xiaocang”.

In Shanghai, Xiaolongbao is known as “Shantou” and is produced in Nanxiang Town, Jiading County, Shanghai. According to the “Jingding County Continued Zhi”, “… Shantou has two kinds of yeast, two kinds of loose yeast. For this, the skin is thin and stuffed, and the Nanxiang system is the most popular.

He is more like it, and the number is Xiangxiang…”.

Since the dough is made by a non-fermentation method, it is characterized by “a thin skin filling” and is therefore famous in Jiading. The first name was “Nanxiang Big Meat Taro”, later called “Nanxiang Datoutou”, and then called “Guoyuan Garden Cage”, now called “Nanxiang Xiaolong”.

In the early 1920s, a businessman named Wu in Nanxiang Town opened the “Changxing Shantou Store” in Shanghai Chenghuang Temple (later changed to “Nanxiang Shantou Store”), specializing in the production and sales of “Xiang-style” Shantou, and soon became famous in Shanghai. The most famous Xiaolongbao in Taipei and Tokyo is Ding Taifeng. The most famous Xiaolongbao in New York is “Lumingchun”.

More than a century has passed, and Nanxiang Xiaolong has not been overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life. “Nanxiang Xiaocang Production Process” has been listed as the first batch of intangible cultural heritage by Shanghai, and the process is currently applying for the national intangible cultural heritage. If the application is successful, Nanxiang Xiaolong will become the national “non-legacy” of the first snack category in China. Nanxiang Xiaolong also left the country gate not long ago, and the Guyuan Garden Restaurant opened a branch in Tokyo, which has been popular with Japanese people.

Nanxiang Xiaocang is delicious, and all the kungfu is on the stuffing. In addition to the good pork leg meat, the chicken skin is also used to make the meat skin to make it frozen, and it is mixed with the savory taste. Finally, it is necessary to sprinkle the ground sesame seeds to adjust the fragrance. The scene of buying Xiaolongbao in front was very hot. The small cages here were also very busy. Nearly ten masters sat in front of the chopping board, and they were busy in the hands of their hands. They were in the blink of an eye. The big group of meat stuffing is included, and the fastest one can pack 7 small cages. The authentic Nanxiang Xiaocang has ten small dumplings on one or two sides. What is even more incredible is that its stuffing is twice as big as the dough it covers. Compared with the general small cage, the Nanxiang small cage is small, but the skin is almost translucent.
According to Shanghai Yuyuan Tourism Mall Co., Ltd., “Nanxiang Shantou Store”, which has about 9 stores in Singapore, Japan and Malaysia, Zhu Weixiang, head of the catering business department of Yuyuan Mall, said that the overseas expansion has far-reaching effects. It is reported that Nanxiang Shantou will be the main force to enter the overseas market in the future. Some of the more than 30 “Nanxiang Shantou Stores” in the country will be flopped into the “Old Town Temple” snack world.

Zhu Weixiang said that “Nanxiang Xiaolong” has become a well-known brand that domestic and foreign investors are competing to introduce. In recent years, merchants from Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places have come to the door. Negotiate, ask for cooperation to open Nanxiang Xiaolongbao Branch stores, considering that the tastes of Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other places are close to China, so Nanxiang Shantou’s pre-existing overseas stores are mainly located in Southeast Asia. After the market is mature and stable, it will gradually expand to other regions. .

Like all other overseas branches, the pastry chefs of Nanxiang Shantou Store are all sent by the Chinese side. Since the technical formula of Nanxiang Xiaocang is a patent of Shanghai, in order not to let the technical formula be lost, the technical formula of Nanxiang Xiaocang will not be transmitted. Strictly confidential to the outside party. When the Chinese stationed personnel are engaged in key links, the foreign staff must evade. It is understood that these regulations have been written into the cooperation agreement between the two parties.

Nanxiang Xiaocang is famous for its “skinny, stuffing and delicious”. It is definitely the first brand of Shanghai Xiaolongbao, with annual sales of about 130 million yuan and profits of over 14 million yuan.

The stuffing heart of Nanxiang Xiaolongbao is made of meat and paste with sandwich legs, without onions, garlic, only with ginger and meat skin frozen, salt, soy sauce, sugar dumplings are made of non-fermented fine flour. Into.

The steamed Xiaolongbao is small and exquisite, shaped like a pagoda. It is translucent, crystal clear and yellow, biting a bag of soup, full of mouthfuls and delicious taste. If you eat with ginger, balsamic vinegar, and a bowl of egg soup, the taste is better.

Nanxiang Xiaolongbao is famous for its thin skin, rich stuffing, heavy weight and fresh taste.

Because of its small size, the skin is thin and translucent, and it is steamed with a special small bamboo cage, so it is called “small cage”.

Take the method of “refilling thin skin and making big change”, instead of white flour, it is made into thin skin; it is stuffed with fine meat, no MSG, boiled with chicken soup, frozen and mixed, and fresh, sprinkled with a small amount of finely ground. Sesame, to take its aroma; also according to different festivals to take crab powder or spring bamboo, shrimp and meat stuffing, each of the steamed bread folded more than fourteen, one or two flour made of ten, shaped like a translucent, small and exquisite;

When you are out of the cage, take one of them in a small dish, poke the skin, and fill the sauce with a sauce. It is gradually formed into a thin skin, fresh juice, tender meat and rich flavor.

The dough is equal in size and the surface is also eaten with cooking oil, which will make the taste better. To pull the embryo to the end, almost the size, the hand should be pulled up when the bag, its advantage is thin skin, tender, full. The hot mist is going straight up, the steamed dumplings are steamed, and then the dumplings are snow-white and crystal-clear, like a rabbit, which is fascinating. Poke the skin, and the slippery juice suddenly flows out.

The reason why the snow white dumplings are popular is small and exquisite, the skin is thin and stuffy, and the soup is delicious. One bite, full of mouthfuls, if you eat it with ginger, the balsamic vinegar tastes better. Nanxiang Xiaolongbao is delicious and delicate, and is loved by more and more people.

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