Shanghai Partea II – mașini parcate în temple, street food și o bucată de Franța în China

Hello, I am Maria.

Here is ai_vlog We are just few steps away from finishing our colorful experience in China.

After everything we’ve seen, heard, tried and tasted I can tell now we are prepared for anything.

We learned to tolerate the choices of people that are different from us as well as, to appreciate small everyday joys.

Little birds! Food! I reached this point without any food poisoning A real success for my stomach Without any major conflict, not taking into consideration my frustrations with the Chinese education system By the way, this will be a subject of another future video.

and without any arrears at least I hope so After all, I would like to stay more.

That’s why I propose you to stroll the Shanghai streets a little more.

Let’s do it! Jing’an Temple We are now at Jing’an Temple The temple that had a very long and struggling past.

First, it was built in the 3rd cent.



in a neighboring city – Suzhou and in the 13th century it was moved in the Shanghai downtown In the 20th cent.

during the cultural revolution, when a lot of Chinese cultural and religious objectives were destroyed, this temple was transformed into a plastic factory.

In 1972, It was burned to ashes.

Only in 1990 the temple was opened for the public.

And now, let’s have a look inside the temple.

Inside this temple there is the biggest sitting Buddha in China.

It has almost 4 meters in height and a weight of 11 tones.

One more interesting thing I spotted in China is the cars parked inside the temple.

Does it remind you of anything? French Concession In the 18th and 19th century Shanghai was a colony of several big powers USA, Great Britain, France Each of them were controlling an area of the city This is the French zone Ironically, in the same zone the first Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was held In the building right behind me In case you are hungry, there is a lot of street food at Yu Yuan Bazaar The most tasty dumplings of various forms and sizes [enumeration of other goodies] Everything fried in liters of oil, seasoned with a lot of chili or sugar Of course, we didn’t eat unhealthy during our stay in China (joking) Beside the traditional food, here you can find plenty of other stuff It reminds a bit of Central Market (a market in Chisinau) Everything you saw until now are just a part of the things that can be experimented by a foreigner in Shanghai.

There are so many things that can’t be transmitted through a camera By the way, the next video will be a special one It will be about a not so popular China and about the most valuable treasure of this nation Nature and people [swearing] In order to be updated when a new video appears, subscribe to the ai_vlog channel and activate the bell button for receiving notifications.

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Bye bye!

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