SHANGHAI: Shanghai, China, Night Markets

All right, it’s the kids’ last night, andwe are on our tour.

Shanghai UnTour, and this is crazy amazing.

There are tons of vendors with tons of food.

I think we’re gonna have some crayfish.

It’s gonna be delicious and amazing.

(music and street noises) Were these just alive? Were these just alive? Yep.

These were just alive,and now you’re eating them.

Hi! Hi! Hi! Oh yeah.

This is good, good stuff.

It’s a lotof work, though.

It’s not too spicy.


All right, Jesse eating oysters.

Is this yourfirst oyster? Uh, I think I’ve had ones covered in cheese and stuff, whatever those are called, but.

It’s hot, but it tastes good! I’m eating a stick of meat.

Oh my gosh! This lamb, it’s amazing.

This is life-changing.

(Jesse: oh my gosh.) This is a life-changing moment righthere.

Oh my gosh.

Eggplant and potato! The garlic, the garlic! Mmmm! Try a razor clam–they’re amazing.



You have to understand that I’m having the best night of my life, and I’m eating the best–the best–the best these things in all of China.

Ahhh, it’s so good!It’s really good.

This is amazing.

This is the best thing, this is like the best thingwe’ve done.

You need to do Shanghai UnTour because this is absolutely incredible.

Yougotta eat this.

Oh my gosh, Jesse.

(music and sounds of talking) We are going through the second night market.

Holy moly.

And our fabulous guides, Mitch and Dan, are picking out food for us.

These guys are from the Guangdong area of China.

Do you guys know where Guangdong is? In thesouth, like right by where Hong Kong is.

That province around Hong Kong is called Guangdong.

You guys are studying Chinese, so you may know that “nian” means “year” and “gao” means “high,” and so when you say, at Chinese New Year, they eat this and they call it “niannian gao,” which means like “Each year, higher than the last.

” Every year better.

I think that this may be the happiest that I have been this entire trip.

This is–I can’t evendescribe how wonderful this is.

There are no tourists here.

There are no tourists.

We are not in a bus.

We are eating the most amazing food.

It’s so fresh.

And now we’re going toeat outside, and I’m just going to cry from happiness.

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