Shanghai Street Food Tour | JianBing – Chinese Breakfast Crepe

It is our first full day in Shanghai – In today’s video, we’ll be trying some of Shanghai‘s street food – First up, let’s find some breakfast – Alright guys, let’s go – We’ve just stumbled across a vendor selling baos – or steamed buns – It looks pretty popular – So we thought ‘Let’s try one!’ –

Luckily a local helped us order – because everything is in Chinese – We couldn’t read anything – and the lady who was selling the buns – couldn’t speak English either – So it was very hard for us – but luckily there was a local so Thank You! – Alright, let’s see what we got – This is the pork one – Oh yeah – That’s really yummy – Check this out – So flavourful – Sweet and salty – That’s a solid bun – And these are super cheap! – One of these buns only cost 1.

50RMB – That’s like 20-30c Australian – That’s crazy.

Really, really cheap! – My turn to try the spicy beef bao – You can see in the shop they were making them fresh – Let’s try it – Wow! – It’s spicy and the beef is so juicy – Yum – This round thing we were told it’s a sweet pancake – It’s purple in colour so I’m not sure if it’s – a certain flavour, sweet potato or something – Let’s see – It’s like hollow on the inside – It’s super flaky – Not really much flavour to it – But definitely sweet – I’m not sure if you’re meant to eat this with something – or maybe it’s good with some soy milk – I’d probably get a drink with this next time (it’s kind of dry) – but still worth a try – Definitely come here for their steamed buns – Those steamed buns were so good.

We’re going to grab another two – They’re delicious! – So good – Cheers – ‘Hao Chi’ I think that’s how you say delicious – Right here in these bags we’ve got something called JianBing – It’s a savoury crepe – with a whole bunch of filling in there – Let’s have a look – Oooo – First off she puts a crepe mixture onto the crepe pan – and then she puts a whole bunch of filling in there – Such as coriander – some black bean sauce – I’m not 100% sure though – This one here also has a Chinese fried doughnut – The texture – It’s not crispy or anything like that.

It’s a little soft – But maybe that’s because it was in a bag – and it’s kind of steamed itself – but look at that, that looks delicious – Let’s give it a bite – Mmmmmmm – Oh yeah – I forgot to mention – She also cracked two eggs per crepe as well – That tastes so good – This is a full carb breakfast here – but it’s delicious and I don’t regret it at all – So saucy – With a hit of that chilli – It’s hitting the spot right now – And this place is just a few doors down – from the steamed bun place we just had – Also very close to Jia Jia Tang Bao and Yang’s Dumpling – So this street here ‘HuangHe Rd’ – Full of street food.

Awesome! – I’m gonna have this one.

Malie’s going to have that one.

– and then we’re going to try the next JianBing – So I’m going to try the 2nd one which has a crispy cracker in the middle – I’m excited for this one.

I love anything crunchy.

– That crunch! – I think I like this one better than the other one – just because of the texture – Definitely can taste all the sauces in there – so it’s not dry at all – If you don’t like spice, you can get it without the Chilli oil in there – Whoever invented this, I love you! – So good! – There was so much street food – You can find pastries – Dumplings – and scallion pancakes – It was interesting to see these scallion pancakes – being made right in front of us! – After shallow frying – They’re baked furhter under the pan – So they’re nice and crispy – So we didn’t have to walk very for a delicious street food breakfast – We’re all carbed up now and ready to go on with our day – Now we’re off to Xitang Water Town – On our last video – We visited the ancient town of Xitang – One of China’s famous water towns – It is a town full of history – Ancient architecture – And interesting street food – If you missed it, make sure to check it out – We’ll leave a link in the description box below – Hey guys, – We’ve caught the bus back from Xitang Water Town – and now we’re back in Shanghai – Tonight we’re going to explore Yuyuan Gardens We entered Yuyuan garden and we saw a massive line for these dumplings – This place is called ‘Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant’ -We’ve got here a – bucket of pork xiao long baos – so there’s a dozen in here – and a Giant Pork & Crab XLB – Look how big that is – So we have to pour the vinegar in here via the – This dispenser – Let’s try one – They basically just dump the whole steamer in here – That pork filling is really, really tender – And the soup has a very nice flavour – It’s not too hot – So you can have it all in one bite – Let’s have another one – Yep! Would definitely raise these ones.

– They’re just as good as the ones we had – Last night at Jia Jia Tang Bao – So make sure you check out that video (link in description box) – This is a quick and easy on the go snack – So this is the crab and pork – Gigantic, xiao long bao – It’s so big that you need a straw – To drink the soup – Alright, let’s try get a hole in there – Oops.

Got it in there! – Ok I’m going to take a sip of the soup – I feel so strange doing this – You can definitely taste that crab flavour in there – Now I have to figure out how to eat this – Omg there’s still so much soup in there – I’m gonna biet it – There not much filling in here – but you can definitely see – Some of that crab in there – Hey guys, so we’ve made it to The Bund in Shanghai – and the view of the skyline behind me is amazing – Omg that are so many people here at The Bund – trying to takes some good snaps of the skyline – There are so many people in The Bund tonight – That there isn’t any footpaths for people to walk on – We have to spill onto the road – Just trying to find some dinner now -There are so many choices in Shanghai – So little time for us to try everything – We’re feeling like some Hot pot tonight – Hey guys, we’re at a restaurance called Hai Di Lao – on Nanjing Rd in Shanghao – They’re known for their hot pot – Right now it looks like we’re in a waiting room – It get really packed, especially on a Saturday night – We’ve got our ticket.

Apparently will take an hour or 2 – In the waiting room they actually serve you these snacks – so you can get going until your turn for hot pot – So it’s pretty good service there – Alright guys, so we’ve ordered our food – The first thing that has come out is the broth – We’ve got 2 different broths here – One of it looks milky – It’s got some onions and mushroom in there – and the other one – is really red! – I thought it was spicy but I’m not sure now because it has tomatoes in there – Alright guys, the food has arrived – We’ve got a bunch of meats here – Some fishcakes – Tofu – We’ve got some vegetables just to get that fibre in – Can’t wait to dig in – The meat looks good and is presently beautifully as well – Alright let’s try! – Alright guys, we’re having an awesome awesome meal here at Hai Di Lao – We’re going to finish off our amazing banquet here – and we’ll see you guys for dessert – See you guys in a bit – We’re currently in People’s Square in front of a shop that sells – a bunch of Shanghainese – I think they’re dim sum (?) – Because it looks like they sell sweet and buns and – The lines always huge – Malie’s just lining up to get us something – I have no idea what the place is called as it’s all in Chinese – but they’re showing on a TV that they’ve – got a 2018 Michelin Guide Recommendation – So it must be good right? – We’ve picked up these miscellaneous desserts – from a store on Nanjing Rd – It always has a long line everytime we walk past – Not really sure what they are – Let’s go for it – I’m going to try the green one first – Let me bite into it – There’s pork floss in here!! – This is really good! – I really like this – For those that haven’t had pork floss – It has kind of a flossy texture – It’s actually quite sweet as well – Yum! – this one looks like there’s some coconut on the outside – Omg what a surprise – Two of my favourite ingredients – There’s red bean – There’s also another ball of black sesame – Oh my goodness – I don’t regret this at all – They have so many other snacks here so we’ll have to come back and try them – I’m going to go devour this – Thank you guys for watching our video – Make sure you subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already – Click that notification bell as well – to find out when we upload next – Give this video a big thumbs up if you liked it – And let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below – As always, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time – BYEEEE.

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