Xiaolongbao or Tangbao | Which is the Best Soup Dumpling in Shanghai

Shanghai famous xiaolongbao The soup dumplings. there’s just one problem it’s raining outside and I was hoping to just take a leisurely stroll through the French Concession. Not gonna happen now is it when I used to live in Shanghai people would ask me all the time when they know
I was from from London Oh London doesn’t rain all the time? I’m like “you know what?”.

“it actually rains much more in Shanghai than it does in London.

Over double the yearly rainfall here and there are more days of rainfall in Shanghai than there is in London so put that in your pie hole.

anyway let’s get on with it so before Ido any eating the first order of the day is to pick up a new pair of kicks from this local tiny shop.

你好 你们觉得 如果你要是要买两双的话建议你买这个。 如果你买一双的话就这个。 那买两双。那就是这个和这个。 因为两个是完全different.


So I’ve come to a newly opened ine;”>food district in Nanjing Xi Lu which is right in the city centre of Shanghai I’ve managed to find some fancy bakeries a White Castle Hagen daz even Taco Bell’s but nowhere seems to do the famous Shanghai Xiao long bao so I think I’m gonna have to try and go somewhere a little bit more local Oh still raining 不好意思。你知道这里附近有一个小笼包店吗 sorry do you speak English? oh sorry mate I’m looking for a place to have xiao long bao yeah that way and then to the right I Ok so we’ve found the store it’s lunchtime is super busy inside so I thought I’d give a quick introduction before we going but those who don’t know Xiao long bao is it’s essentially this soup dumplings and really good xiao long boa which I heard this place has should have a very very thin skin and inside you’ve got the meat normally pork and then this delicious moorish soup and it’s normally served with some vinegar so we’re gonna try because I’ve heard this is the best place in this area of Shanghai to get xiao long bao.

let’s go in so I’ve just ordered a hot and sour soup,a classic pork xiao long bao and a pork and crab xiao long bao.

So there is a nart to eating xiao long bao.

I guess different ways different people have different ways of eating I like to dip it in vinegar bite in and suck out some of the soup dip it back in the vinegar that is honestly glorious.

It’s amazing that was the crab and pork frankly amazing I’m going to try just the standard normal pork now okay now put the traditional pork xiao long bao.

something amazing about xiao long bao really good how xiao long bao that it’s hard to get over on the camera you have to try it yourself just something about having these little packets of tasty meat and soup all together.

it just hits you in one go and especially the vinegar as well.

Let’s take a break from the xioa long bao and I’m gonna try some of the hot and sour soup it’s quite an unusual flavour.

there really is this sourness first of I guess a lot of vinegar and then there’s this kind of heat that comes off the back of it vinegar does really make it more moreish all done let’s pay and leave okay it’s day two in Shanghai the weather is much better it’s not pouring with rain so I’ve got my feiyue on and I’ve come to this area at the corner of the French Concession called tai kang lu.

so a friend of mine found out I came to eat xiao long bao and he said if I really want to try xiao long bao that is a little bit different I need to come to this place it’s basically part of old Shanghai is all these alleys that we converted to tiny shops and it’s rammed full of people so we’re gonna go inside and see if we can hunt down this special xiao long bao dian or xiao long bao shop 这个是小笼包。小笼包多少。5快一个。5快一个。 好贵。那这个呢。这个25。25 这个吸的。来一个 So actually I was wrong.

I was calling them xiao long bao These giant ones.

It’s actually tang bao It’s just a big soup ball I love that about China.

You can pay everything by your phone let’s okay so lets scan.

Ok so I’ve got the tang bao it’s not a xiaolong bao.

it’s a big version so she’s just full of soup I don’t know if there’s any meat okay so I found a quiet corner to come and try some of this soup dumpling that’s really good tiny bits of meat inside but it’s mainly just a really lovely thick soup okay I guess once you’re sucked out the soup the idea then is to just eat the skin let me see if it’s actually thing inside there’s a tiny bit of meat that’s good that’s really good it’s just a mix of crap and pull together there’s plenty bit of meat and then the rest of the thing was filled with this delicious delicious soup really nice I don’t like the skin as much that to say as the little xiao long bao it’s just a bit thick and chewy it might be because it’s been sat steaming for quite a while I do prefer overall the xiao long bao.

where it’s just a mouthful skin thin nice bit of meat lovely amount soup but this is an interesting experience so I am back I have been to lviv and the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine as well as Shanghai on the mainland of China and I’ve eaten lots of soupy things so what have I learnt well the first thing is that I’ve been really surprised by how much acidity and sourness is a feature of the soups I’ve eaten there so borscht is traditionally a sour soup and then that sourness is heightened by the addition of the sour cream and then of course in Shanghai I had that hot and sour soup and even the xiao long bao the little soup dumplings are traditionally served with vinegar now in Nigeria I can’t really think of any dishes that we explicitly make use of acidity as a taste profile I think we’re more likely to make dishes using bitterness than we would with acidity although of course there are dishes that yes of course have a sour or acidic it taste profile but that tends to be a byproduct of ingredients have been used particularly if it’s something that’s been fermented now if you do know of any Nigerian or West African dishes that use acidity specifically as part of the taste profile then please let me know by writing something in the comments below and while you’re at it don’t forget to press the like and subscribe button the second thing is again how gelatine was used as a feature in dishes in those places so there was that dish I had in Ukraine which was essentially cooked chicken in the gelatine and of course xiao long bao wouldn’t be made possible without thefact that gelatine or meat gelatin is solid at room temperature and of course then melts into a lovely rich tasty liquid once heated again I can’t really think of dishes where we specifically make use of gelatin in Nigerian cuisine but I will be making a Nigerian pepper soup next week and the base ingredient of that is really a stock made from scratch and that of course has the natural meat gelatin inside which will just add a richness to the soup so do tune back in again for the episode next week thank you for watching see you 你好。请问你知道这里附近有一个小笼包店吗 一直走然后右拐。右拐就是了。.

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