Big China Trip | Vlog #1 | Shanghai [Eng Sub]

Hi everybody! We’re in Shanghai We’re starting our trip.

Big China Trip as we called it Here’s a situation: everyone was standing in line normally.

The train has arrived, everyone started to run and shove.

No one cared about the line It’s very dirty here and no one cleans up after himself So we’re going to Shanghai! Shanghai Here we’re in the city center of Shanghai What do you think? It’s ok for now and we’re so tired and want to sleep Everything hurts (after overnight train) We’re walking, we’re alone here, surprisingly We’ve got off the metro in the downtown Here’s Oriental Pearl Tower and buildings are so tall We are here and that is the 2nd tallest building in the world It’s already 2 pm and we finally will have a rest We’re so tired.

Don’t take an overnight train Hi! So we had a rest and feel ourselves better And here’re much more people This is the main pedestrian street Look what he’s doing Take it He’s so impudent we’re in Saizeriya It’s the cheapest restaurant of European food in China From those that we know It’s 9:30 pm Shanghai metro And these are the lines to buy tickets Honey We’re home Here’s our room It’s small But clean Hi! So it’s our 2nd day in Shanghai We’re going for a little walk Tonight we have a train at 9 pm to Beijing We’ve finally had a good sleep and rested We’re feeling recovered after overnight train But today we have the same train and tomorrow we have to walk all day around Beijing Forbidden city etc So it won’t be easy What can we do? This is the life of a traveler 😀 We’re putting on our caps Because it’s too hot All Chinese are with umbrellas but we’re still doubting Here they are Umbrellas Umbrellas And we’re putting on our caps Ok, I’m taking a bike.

Now it’s Mobike I open the app Scan the QR code Done! I’m on my way Actually, it’s really too hot Ira went to the museum to hide I’m going to park the bike somewhere We’ll be hiding from the sun in the museum Because it’s 1 pm And it’s too hot I’m parking it here I hope no one will say me anything Because Mobike has zones where you can’t park it To block it you just need to do this Done! Bye Mobike Here’s Shanghai museum again The line is there and it starts here And it’s going this way One more time It’s so typical for China And these fences.

it’s their favorite thing in the metro anywhere Now it’s 13:19 and we’ve almost stopped but here’re too many people We’re on security check What time is it? We’re almost inside 13:47 So it was not so long as we expected Nanjing road Oh, Leo! Hi! Here it is, this famous pedestrian street To be honest, nothing special Everything is like everywhere We’re going to Sushi Express It’s our favorite restaurant So here you can sit and here goes “yummy” and you take it and eat We’re in the waiting room to our train Oh! What a mess! So, friends, our time in Shangai is over This city is really awesome We recommend you to visit it Like this video and subscribe to our channel! See you soon! Bye-bye!.

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