Top 7 Things to do in Shanghai, China

Today, we’re counting down the top 7things to do in Shanghai China.

This list is just a few of the many things you cando in Shanghai, but it should get you started with planning your trip.

So, let’s get started with number 7 Shanghai Disneyland.

It is the first Disney parkresort in mainland China and the second in Greater China after the Hong KongDisneyland Resort.

Like most other Disney resorts aroundthe world Shanghai Disneyland features a flagship park called Shanghai Disneylandpark.

The park is similar in style to other Disneyland parks containingtraditional and newly created themed lands one of the aims of the park is thecombination of Disney stories and characters with attractions that arespecifically designed for Chinese guests.

You don’t want to miss it when you cometo China.

Number 6 the French Concession.

No stay in Shanghai would be complete without a walk through the stylish and charming French Concession.

This formerly French occupied neighborhood is characterized by itsleafy streets packed with boutiques cafés restaurants and lively bars.

It isa great place to spend an afternoon Number five the Yuyuan Garden.

Datingback to the 16th century the five acre Yuyan Garden is the city’s most reveredgreen space.

The garden took nearly 20 years to completely construct and wasinitially intended to be a private garden for Ming Dynasty official Pan Yunduan in his family.

Today, visitors can enjoy the scenery and architecture thatcomprised the Yuyan Garden, but they should be warned about the large crowds thispark attracts.

Number 4 the Shanghai Museum.

When it comes to ancient art relics China’s collection is extensive and impressive.

The Shanghai Museumhouses a comprehensive display of the legacy left by the advanced culturesof bygone eras, including the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

This elegant museum,opened in 1996, features 11 state of the art galleries housing china’s exhibitsof bronze, painting, sculptures, ceramics, jade, and Ming and Qing dynasty furniture.

If you like museums you don’t want to miss this one! Number 3 LongHua Temple.

If you’ve read J.


Ballard’s Empire of the Sun or seen the Spielberg film adaptionyou’ll recognize the LongHua temple.

This is Shanghai‘s largest andmost active temple with five halls and two towers with a 5 ton 2 meter highcopper bell, which is struck on New Year’s Eve.

The centerpiece is a sevenstory eight sided pagoda, which is unfortunately not open to visitors, butthe temple is still worth checking out.

Number two People’s Square.

The geographiccenter of Shanghai People’s Square is an enormous public square in which Shanghaicitizens hang out all day every day residents stroll, practice Tai Chi, andfly kites.

Grandparents sit drinking tea from thermoses and gossiping.

Come eveningballroom dancers hold group lessons.

This is the place to be when you visitShanghai.

So, don’t miss it.

And number one the Bund Waterfront.

Shanghai‘selegant skyline comes to life at night along the city’s glittering waterfrontthe Bund.

This stretch of colonial buildings delights visitors who flockhere to gaze at some of China’s most impressive architectural landmarks andtowering modern wonders across the river in Pudong.

Here you can see the pearltower in the financial district lit up and all its glory.

This is a must-see ifyou visit Shanghai.

So there you have it, the top 7 things you should do when youvisit Shanghai.

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See you next time and remember tostay hungry and keep traveling.

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