Transit Visa China – 144 hr Visa Shanghai

so usually the visa process to get intoChina’s a little bit complicated but we visited Shanghai on a 144 hour visaand we’re going to tell you how to do that in a little bit but first of allhere are four things you should do on 144 hour visa to Shanghai if you onlyhave 144 hours in Shanghai yu gardens is definitely a must see yu gardensit’s a five acre garden that was built in 1577 and it’s a place in Shanghaithat you can go to and really feel like time Stood Stillit feels like you’re walking through a piece of history the gardens themselvesas well as the surrounding area has beautiful architecture with restaurantsand shops and markets that is definitely worth at least an afternoon it was my favorite thing in Shanghai the Bund it’s the classic skyline andyou can’t say you’ve been to Shanghai without going to the bund the Bund is agreat vantage point to see the skyline of Shanghai dim-sum you’ve got to have some dim sumwe’ve had some dim sum and the variety was in the same in fact I’m not evenentirely sure what we ate half the time eat dim sum as often as you can and bebold the best places won’t have an English menu and so every bite is like alittle surprise and if it’s tied in a stringdon’t put it directly in your mouth don’t eat the string.

we learned that one the hard way Disneyland it’s the newest Disney parkin the world and it has some grade-a rides including Tron an amazing version of Pirates of theCaribbean it is a great spot to go and spend maybemaybe even several days now back to the 144 hour visa it’s actually pretty easy144 hour visa is available to passport holders from these 53 countries you mustbe transiting this is a transit visa which means that the place you came fromand the place you’re going to are two different places and this is true forall of China not just Shanghai is the port in which you’re entering andleaving China must be the same so you can’t go into Shanghai and leave fromBeijing 144 hours later you must leave from the same port that you’ve enteredtips aside from just the general rules have a printed copy of your itineraryprint it don’t just have it on your phone at the airport when you go tocheck-in they will look at it managers will probably be called over this is allperfectly fine they’re very familiar with it but it helps the whole processthey will also take pictures of your passport and forward it onward to Chinain preparation of your departure so arrive at the airport early this isnot the flight that you want to get to a few minutes before boarding closes whenyou arrive in China there was also a little bit of additional checking theywill also be looking at your printed itinerarythey will also be asking you questions about when you’re gonna be leaving andwhen you book your onward flight make sure you give yourself a little bit ofleeway because god forbid there’s some delays there’s some bad storms coming inand you scheduled it right to let very last minute it doesn’t matter your visaexpires on that day at that time the 144 hour thing is pretty official theyhave your own lanes at the check-in counters as you’re arrived in China it’snot some sort of like hush-hush thing thanks China I hope that you enjoyShanghai as much as we enjoyed Shanghai this is not gonna be our last trip toChina because there is so much more of it to see yeah and I think next timewe’ll have to just get the full month visa I’d pay for itbecause China is just too big to see in the 144 hours even even just Shanghai istoo big to see in 144 hours let alone get it take all of China ifyou’re looking for a taste if you’re in this region definitely do it definitelyworth it thanks for watching thank you for watching.

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