Welcome to Shanghai China!

If you’re in the construction you mostlikely heard of caterpillar John Deere and Volvo.

But when we got invited to fly toChina and see Sany Global, We had no idea what we were in for! What’s up guysmy name is Justin Newman.

I know you’re not used to seeing me.

I’m usually on theother side of the camera, but today I woke up in Peachtree City, Georgiabecause we’re all getting on a plane headed to Shanghai China to go see Sany Global.

You’re not gonna want to miss this! You can go to sleep if you want.

You can watch a movie if you want.

It doesn’t matter.

When you realize you’re still on the flight, you’re only halfway there.

That’s what I’m afraid of.

I don’t mind to fly that’s not the problem.

What’s the problem? I can’t sit still for 16 hours if I tried! Honestly, at this point, I’m still hoping I don’t have a ticket! Nee How and Shi Shi? I’ve been practicing all night.

What’s it mean? Heck I don’t know.

One of them is hello? *laughter 16 Hour flight, made it to China.

Ready to be off this plane.

This is my one and only trip! How was that flight Brown? Rough! We just got to the hotel.

This place is crazy! I know we’re here visiting the Sany factories but why is it important to visti Shanghai and see all the culture? American people, they know something about China from the media, but they don’t know how it is in person.

There is a saying, Don’t believe until you see.

Try to feel the culture what if China What China looks like.

What the food is, what the people look like.

A chance to deeply feel what’s what China looks like.

I have no idea what I’ve got but it looks amazing! We’re at breakfast.

We got a lot of rice, a lot of uh, what do you got there Steve? Some kind of lo mein noodle soup.

I got it a little too spicey! I’ve got no idea what I’ve got but it looks amazing.

That’s why I got two! This place is awesome! It’s nice! This is where we’re gonna eat the rest of the week! *mongolian language I have no idea! Get off me you’re fat! Your first time to Shanghai? The destination is the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Famous place in Shanghai.

In the past, it was the highest place in Shanghai.

I think you can have a good trip in China.

Just your uh, local tug-of-war going on here.

Looks like the 2019 tug-of-war champions! It means welcome to Shanghai! I’m not claustrophobic at all.

Just me and 50 friends.

This is tight.

Quick! 300 Meters high! I’m scared! You mean the Nee How Me? What does that mean? Yeah.

It means you’re beautiful right? You’re beautiful yeah.

So we shouldn’t use that all the time? Not always.

Sometimes it not always have its function.

Sometimes it will not work.

So not with strangers all the time right? U huh! You want to find a Chinese girlfriend? He does! You wanna try? Of course! How are you feeling about it Adam? I’m in.

Do you have Kentucky Fried Chicken outhere? Yeah of course! Yes means Shu.

So no is Bul Shu? Yeah.

[email protected]! Many different kinds of dirty words.

You know? I was just telling everybody that they’re beautiful! Nee How Me! If you learn this one, its the most useful one.

Ker eee show diah mah.

If you say this he’ll know you want a discount.

Then maybe he will give you a discount.

Ker eee show diah mah! Yes.

Practice makes perfect! We’re shopping! Get me some fake Rolexes! Can you make something like this? Can you make something that will fit all of this?! This is the best thing I’ve bought! Do you have a bigger glass? The city of New York has eight and ahalf million people.

Compare that to Shanghai‘s twenty six and a half million.

80% of all the buildings in Shanghai, were built with Sany concrete pumps.

Sany is an empire in China.

And we couldn’t wait to see what machines were made.

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